Daring to Dance into the Light

Photographic Artist Tatiana Skorik’s compelling work not-to-be-missed in awe-inspiring show ‘The Iron Girl Story’

with Tatiana Skorik Photography

When you meet noteworthy contemporary photographer Tatiana Skorik for the first time you instantly get the sense that her poise and calm nature allow her the space and privilege of an advanced level of insight when it comes to observing life and the interactions that give life meaning. It is this level of insight that helps her to capture moments in such a remarkable manner. Initially intrigued by the appearance of images from blank pages as a child in the era of tangible film, Russian-born Tatiana grew to love capturing moments in her own special way as a student and traveller. When she immigrated to New Zealand, her new role as graphic designer led to her becoming more interested in capturing moments that reached out and spoke to people, exuding a message beyond the ordinary. This passion for capturing striking imagery has led to national photography awards (Iris awards) from the esteemed New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. Her profound talent begs viewers to observe, to contemplate, to stand back and reflect backwards and forwards on what could bring a photographer to produce such an image, particularly when it comes to her affinity for recording character and moments of transformation on the light spectrum. Looking at Tatiana Skorik’s work can be likened to watching light dance. To experience this for yourself, mark on your calendar the exhibition open from the June 2th to June21st, where you will be treated to a special opportunity to see Tatiana Skorik’s work in an outstanding exhibition called The Iron Girl Story at Franklin’s Art Centre in Pukekohe. Not only does Tatiana Skorik’s work seem to stretch across the expanse of a gallery seamlessly, her imagery portrays a story that stretches across time. A dancer, captured in riveting black and white contrast, tells of the journey of women rising up and realising their value and strength as independent and all-powerful. Despite the actual photographs being affixed to the wall, the story the imagery provokes leaps out at viewers boldly, one of the largest stories of humanity’s resurgences that only the bravest of photographers would dare tell. As Tatiana Skorik notes in conversation, her passion for recording the strength of character in people and pausing movement for a moment in time, helps to realise the beauty that she sees in each of us. Just like the story of the Iron Girl, I can see her story. It is one of Tatiana Skorik’s strength of mind and how she has captured her passion for people and photography through the way each image resonates with the viewer. As her work challenges people to rise and observe, to be aware, to garner insight and grace to be all that they can be, I commend her for empowering us all to rise up with excellence. Rise up, rise up, the imagery seems to whisper at me. Who knew that a single viewing could bring an unspoken inner dialogue to light, leaving one hungry to stay fed and sustained in a moment of transformation.

The Iron Girl Story by Tatiana Skorik

It’s her strength of mind and of body that informs her movement. No strings hold her. She is in full control. As if time has stopped ‘Iron Girl’ has been captured, just for a split second... and in that moment she has been set in stone. ‘Iron Girl’ is almost sculptural and dramatic by nature. Acrobatic and ballet combined with excellence in her craft, she demonstrates all that she is.

Her poses challenge traditional notions of femininity and express her independence. She is able to protect herself from trouble coming her way and her stamina will rise above those that try to overthrow her. She embodies the power with a calmness of mind and a peaceful facial mask. She will smile only on her own terms. She will break the bonds of the all that gaze and she stands on her own. She does not seek controversy or dominion but speaks to all who wish to rise: she is a woman of grace, passion, strength and control of your own life.

Let the Iron Girl inspire!

Franklin Art Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe 2 June - 21 June 2018

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