New Political Party – Direct Democracy NZ

Seeks to Remedy Politicians’ Failings

by Rex Warwood

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For a few weeks prior to our country’s General Election we, the public, have the usual experience of over-zealous candidates seeking our attention and support. This year the election is scheduled for mid-September.

Watch the political class falling over each other promising you the earth and attempting to lure your vote. However, on the day after the election, and safely back in their seats in Parliament, these characters mostly forget about who put them there and the reasons why. Their promises quickly fade into oblivion.

Have you noticed how the major political decisions which affect us all are conducted without our input? For decades most New Zealand politicians have acted in ways that damaged our nation’s best interests. They have approved too many disastrous decisions which were never discussed on the campaign trail and for which we the taxpayers bear the burden. And, no matter how dismal their performance the politicians get their salaries and perks.

If the lawmakers’ risky projects had been placed before the voters’ judgement, most likely the worst examples would have been blocked by an outraged public. There are many examples of politicians’ follies, such as the country’s billions of dollars’ worth of strategic assets allowed to fall into the hands of globalist businesses; the sale of farms, businesses and houses to foreign governments; the secret and detrimental treaties with the United Nations, the most recent being the UN Global Compact on Migration; the fraudulent Paris Climate Accord which provides millions of dollars to something called The Green Climate Fund with no accountability for the money or its use; and the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement that, thanks to the United States, never really came to fruition.

At present the politicians have stirred up the Coronavirus ‘Pandemic’, where the actual cases locally and worldwide do not justify the draconian measures they implemented. To date 180 governments have coordinated campaigns to force their populations into unneeded quarantines which do more harm than good.

We, the people, are expected to accept without question, these endless political dictates. As recently as mid-May, the Government further abused our freedoms by legislating that Police can enter our homes without a warrant. This extremist step is reminiscent of the Nazi regime’s Brown shirt squads of pre-Second World War Germany.

The general election in September brings good news. We the voters have the opportunity to change many of the undemocratic acts of this and previous governments by voting in a credible party with the goal to take back our country. The MMP system is amenable to voter control of the Parliament and for politicians and their parties to submit to the voters’ instructions. That must be the next step forward for New Zealand’s democracy.

There is one party with such a vision. This party has the peoples’ interests at heart, and it is called Direct Democracy NZ. It is a party for CHANGE. You need to be aware that the needed change can come about simply by voting for ‘THE PARTY’.

Your Party Vote at the General Election is an important voter’s tool. Consider how one minority party, New Zealand First, stood before voters in the 2017 election. It gained slightly over 7% of the vote and under MMP captured eight seats in Parliament. Not one of the NZ First MPs actually won in an electorate. They captured power as voter’s List candidates, riding on the percentages of Party preference votes.

There was no special reason for New Zealand First to gain such influence over us. Only the choice of individual voters who believed the words of NZ First leader Winston Peters made this happen. However, as I said earlier, Mr Peters is one of those politicians who promises you the earth but will later act against your interests.

Many voters had high hopes that New Zealand First would become the catalyst in making the necessary changes in Parliament to lead our country to a better place. Unfortunately, Winston Peters has never been the positive leader of whom his supporters have hoped and believed so much.

Over four decades Mr Peters many times positioned himself to influence the nation. He could have been an important patriot and inspiration to all Kiwis. But Winston has consistently betrayed his promises, chosen the lesser course, and sold out our hopes.

The New Zealand First voters blindly believed Mr Peters would follow through on his campaign policies on: reducing immigration, increasing punishments for crime, and ending the "grievance industry" around Treaty of Waitangi settlements. Others voted for him on the “chance” that he would follow through on strong conservative values. History demonstrates the voters’ folly in supporting such a man.

Yes Winston made a point of presenting the right image as a tough guy, for example identifying the "threat" of immigration in both cultural and economic terms. On several occasions he openly characterised the rate of Asian immigration into New Zealand as too high; in 2004, he stated: "We are being dragged into the status of an Asian colony and it is time that New Zealanders were placed first in their own country." Another of his memorable immigration quotes: "to avoid New Zealand's identity, values and heritage being swamped".

He has also been instrumental in propping up failing industries to the detriment of many other needy sectors of our society, and all with your (taxpayers’) money: Racing Industry $75 million and the Mainstream Media, $50 million.

Peters has exposed himself as a wily old fraudster and surely, his time is up. In the last election he conned 7% of the electorate but once elected, he deceived his support base of conservative voters by teaming up with left-leaning socialist Jacinda Adern. Then he turned her party’s minority 37% vote into a Labour coalition government.

After that last election twist, many NZ First voters contacted the party’s head office to express deep dissatisfaction. Just ten months later Peters upset his supporters again, when he willingly co-signed the UN Global Compact on Migration. This agreement over rides our nation’s sovereignty, enabling the United Nations to allocate refugees to countries of their choosing, and it will be illegal for us to object to the Globalist’s decisions.

Supporters’ objections again swamped NZ First headquarters and in an act of casual contempt Mr Peters, through a spokesperson, said he had obtained “legal advice” and the UN Migration Compact was “non-binding”. He lied to us, for according to Germany’s leader Angela Merkel, the Compact is binding.

Peters’ behaviour leaves many of his supporters disillusioned and disgruntled. In him we see the failings of too many politicians. Our only effective counter to this ongoing betrayal by career politicians is for the citizens to form new political parties with an emphasis on integrity and accountability to the voters.

I am now a member of one of these new parties. My party is called Direct Democracy New Zealand. Just a few months old, it is already gaining traction among voters because its core values place it first and foremost as a People’s Grass-roots Movement. Direct Democracy advocates policies to build true national unity and to advance voter’s representation in Parliament.

Visit our website:

Direct Democracy is the response of ordinary but very concerned Kiwis who are acting positively for the future of their children and grandchildren. These realists recognise the uncomfortable fact that present political arrangements are dominated by sector interests. The system is rigged to serve party politics that deny honest representation to the citizens of our nation. So under MMP as it stands, the voters come last.

Our goal as voters and citizens is to upgrade our democracy, starting with MMP as the doorway for Direct Democracy into New Zealand. We intend to retain and maintain the freedoms and advantages of our British legal traditions, our sovereignty, and our unity. We aim to improve our methods of representation by ensuring that politicians are held directly responsible to their employers, you the voter.

Direct Democracy means the political parties are constitutionally and legally bound to serve and openly represent the people’s interests in advancing our nation’s unity and prosperity.

Our commitment creates the platform for protecting New Zealand’s political culture of honest dealings and our unalienable right of freedom. We advocate the adoption of the tools of direct democracy, including Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda (BCIR), as a proven democratic method for voters to assert their free political choice and guide the government. This means all BCIR would be constitutionally binding on politicians, who would learn to closely follow the will of the people in those years between elections.

There are currently four administrators serving Direct Democracy NZ:

Chris Newman: Educator, community activist, businessman, outdoorsman and writer. He is a fifth generation Kiwi and has lived overseas some 25 years. Chris is originally from Upper Hutt and is now residing in Auckland with his family. A strong supporter of citizens participation in democracy, Chris is a co-founder of Red Pill Uni and the First Nation Association of New Zealand. He maintains close links with Queensland democracy activists.

Winston Jacob is a native New Zealander from a Manawatu/Waikato farming background before settling in Auckland. He has 40+ years in the demolition industry, currently trading exclusively in the upcycle of used building materials out of his two Jacob Demo salvage yards, Drury and New Lynn. A family man with keen a sense of justice and Kiwi interests of farming, hunting, fishing, boating, motor racing, Polo ponies, and all things inherently New Zealand.

Don McKenzie is a fifth generation New Zealander with an impressive background that involves high country farming, military (Lieutenant Colonel in the New Zealand Army Territorial Force), and business retailing. He was the manager/editor of a five year-long project, a regimental history titled ‘Auckland Infantry, the Story of the Auckland (Countess of Ranfurly’s Own) and North Auckland Regiments and the Citizen Soldiers’ Who Served New Zealand’.

Rex Warwood is former Editor of Franklin community newspapers, Franklin County News, Waiuku Post and Franklin Life, spanning 37 years. He witnessed the Franklin District being dismantled through Government’s drive to centralise Communities in the name of progress, all against the wishes of the people. Rex believes it is now time to take back local communities and give them their right of self-governance. He has also authored his first novel, ‘The Long Frost – A Bloomsbury Family in Crisis’, a family saga based in Victorian England.

“Have you noticed how the major political decisions which affect us all are conducted without our input? For decades most New Zealand politicians have acted in ways that damaged our nation’s best interests.”

“The general election in September brings good news. We the voters have the opportunity to change many of the undemocratic acts of this and previous governments by voting in a credible party with the goal to take back our country.”

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