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How Can We Help You

with Tree Magic Arborists

Tree and stump removal specialists based in Drury

Quite often we get asked if we are able to do certain work such as hedge trimming or fruit tree and shrub

pruning, the answer is yes! At Tree Magic Arborists have a wide range of different skills and services we offer

within our company.

Whatever the job may entail, from trimming rose bushes in your flower garden or tidying up a Wisteria vine

growing over a pergola .. we have the tools and the know how to get things looking sharp again. We are

specialists in large tree removal and pruning but realise around rural and suburban gardens and properties our

clients all need a wide range of services to keep things safe and tidy. We have the top of the line equipment

and machinery which we take pride in keeping regularly cleaned and maintained so when the time comes for

getting stuck into a days work, our clients are getting the best job possible.

So what might need doing in your garden?

SMALL TREE PRUNING (small fruit tree photo)

Fruiting specimens and smaller trees and shrubs around your garden need regular pruning and maintenance,

a yearly prune will keep your garden looking great and your fruit bowl full!

HEDGE TRIMMING (Pittosporum or Cyprus hedge photo)

Hedges are important for providing cover and windbreaks around your property boundary and inner garden

areas. In most cases your classic Pittosporum or Cyprus hedging needs a trim twice yearly to keep up that

sharp tidy look and to keep the inner growth thick and healthy.


Old specimen trees can sometimes outgrow the area they were originally planted. A crown reduction or

removing selected branches around the tree to reduce weight and improve sunlight can make things safe and

breathe new life into your property.


Trees often need to be removed that are growing in precarious positions over your house or garage, our

rigging systems and crane assisted tree removal takes the worry out of the job. The debris can be mulched up

and logwood removed or cut up for your wood shed. We also undertake large scale property development and

full site clearance work.


After trees are removed, having the stumps ground out will allow you to regrow new lawn or create space to

replant a new specimen tree for the future. Grinding out old existing stumps can tidy things up and remove the

objects in the way of your mower.

Offering a complete, safe and efficient service is what we at Tree Magic are proud of, if you have a question or

need any advice on any of our services please give us a call.

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elocal Digital Edition – September 2019 (#222)

elocal Digital Edition
September 2019 (#222)

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