Packing a Punch

Pro Charity Fight for Prostate Cancer

Fitness is a big part of Richie Aholelei’s life. For the last nine years he has been helping people achieve their fitness goals and loves making a difference in their lives.

At twenty-eight, he is a personal trainer and director of Papakura’s New York Fitness Gym and has had a passion for the fitness industry since he was fifteen. As a personal trainer Richie has a booming loyal client base that sees him train everyone from those with learning disabilities to body builders.

Growing up, Richie was an avid rugby player and was on his way to stardom when, at twenty years old, a severe injury put everything on hold and he started to re evaluate his direction in life that lead him to become interested in body building.

“During and after my recovery, I started to develop myself in my physical appearance and that lead me to body building where I competed in Regional and National competitions for a few years and placed 2nd in Waikato and Auckland.” says Richie.

During this time, Richie started thinking about a career in personal training that led him to working at New York Fitness, Papakura while studying part time.

Richie says he loves helping people and he succeeds in what he does because he has the passion.

“It’s about helping people the way they need to be helped.”

Despite his long hours at the gym juggling clients, Richie finds time every morning to reflect and focus on gratitude and goals in life that lead him and his business partner Bruce Glozier to organizing the upcoming charity fight night event for the Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand.

Each year, over 3,000 Kiwi men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand is significant in promoting public awareness of the disease by providing support to those affected, funding research and advocating for patients.

Each year, Blue September focuses on Prostate Cancer awareness and actively encourages business and community groups to join in with their own promotional activities as part of the campaign.

With the societal stigma attached to men and masculinity, support groups and creating awareness is so important for Prostate Cancer patients and the Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand has recently started a support/awareness group initiative called Rainbow Blue, aimed at Gay and Bisexual men and their partners.

Richie says he and his business partner chose to create awareness of prostate cancer for the event in particular because of people they know affected by the cancer, and to raise awareness of the stigma attached to men and their physical well-being.

“A close friend of my business partner has prostrate cancer and that’s the main reason why we chose it, but also, one of my clients I train has it and their positivity is inspirational in what they are going through.” says Richie.

The charity event will be a corporate boxing event with the Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand and held at the Auckland Boxing Association, August 10th.

With three, two- minute rounds, the theme for the event is ‘Inter- Gym’ that will involve twelve corporate and pro fighters from New York Fitness and other gyms around South Auckland with fighters chosen from a select list with their own personal stories to share of why they are choosing to jump in the ring for charity.

Richie says the night will be emceed by Ricky Cribb and there will be sports memorabilia to be auctioned off, including signed merchandise from The Warriors, Joseph Parker and Mark Hunt, with plans for the main event to include two-time light heavy weight NZ champ, Geovana Peres.

“My personal goal is to raise $10,000 for the night that includes proceeds of the fight and the auctioned memorabilia.” says Richie.

He says this event is important for not only raising awareness of prostate cancer, but to make people aware not to take life for granted when cancer isn’t around.

Some of the most positive people have cancer. We all have time limits but its amazing to see people’s strengths when they have it, so its about raising that awareness, reaching out to people to be active, don’t take things for granted.”

Richie says cancer is something that everyone can relate to in some way, whether it is through family, friends, colleagues and puts things that are important into perspective,

which is why he is grateful every day to have his health and fitness.

“Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Everyday I’m thankful for that, and of my friends, family and loved ones. My partner’s ex-boyfriend passed away from prostate cancer, and it happened so quick which is another reason why this event is so important.

“I want people to see the positivity and appreciate what they have. You can give up a partner, a career, a job, but you can’t always give up cancer.” says Richie.


Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand

Phone: 0800 4 PROSTATE (477 678)