eLocal eMagazine – High User Engagement Multimedia Solution

Thank you for enquiring about advertising with eLocal! Established in 2004, we are a proudly independent, NZ-owned and operated media company, dedicated to high-quality content – celebrating the people and businesses that make our communities great, while tackling the social and political issues that affect our communities.

As part of this mission, we provide a multi-media marketing platform, offering New Zealand businesses a variety of solutions on the web (www.elocal.co.nz), and through our social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).

This multi-media platform adds strength and uniformity to every business's marketing strategy, by harnessing our proven brand and methodology with the power of digital marketing, accessible online 24/7 by potential customers.

eLocal's technology differs from other browser products in that it brings a user-friendly experience to consuming electronic media.

eLocal eMagazine provides the end user a truly multi-media experience with great magazine style layouts that still allows flipping of the pages while you have your morning coffee, green and environmentally responsible.

The Average Time on sight increases ten-fold as does Bounce Rates. It's a proven technology that keeps higher engagement and therefore better results than a traditional content database driven website. So what does this mean? Your advertising has a better chance of being seen and you get a higher rate of impressions and click throughs. Most importantly you advertising stays LIVE in the magazine for as long as you are an eLocal account holder – so not like conventional marketing once your banner has been seen, you've been charged and your advertisement has gone! eLocal's platform gives your advertising longevity, just like print advertising, but offers way more.

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