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Hands- on, non invasive Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in Franklin

Angela Wheeler is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) Practitioner based at Heal in Pukekohe. The clinic is open weekdays and some evenings, except Wednesdays.

BCST is a hands-on therapy derived from Osteopathy but uses no manipulation. It is safe and gentle for all ages and stages of life. It is great for relieving pain, stress & anxiety related to injury or disease.

Trauma in the form of either long term (Chronic) illnesses as well as recent (Acute) illnesses are often seen in the BCST clinic.

Business people often find great benefit in the stress release they get from sessions.

Cancer patients report that sessions help them through their other treatments, give them the strength to carry on and to accept what is happening to them.

Sports injuries respond well to this therapy, and people often gain better body awareness and alignment which can help reduce the chances of repeat or further injury.

The elderly often enjoy the relaxation aspects as well as relief from some of their ailments.

BCST is very well known for helping with the changes of pregnancy, labour preparation and as a means to support a woman’s body recover after birth.

BCST has great results with babies who show a variety of concerns such as settling, feeding, and digestive upsets (like reflux and colic) to ear infections.

Many children are treated with BCST to deal with a whole host of childhood conditions along with specific issues such as autism and learning disabilities.

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