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Conveyancing practitioners offer a very practical alternative for all property transactions, as well as setting up trusts, powers of attorney and wills.“Conveyancing is the legal work required to transfer the ownership of real estate from one person or entity to another. Conveyancing practitioners specialise in property law and have specific training and skills in all areas relating to the sale and purchase of real estate and related transactions, leases, subdivisions and refinances.

“Our practitioners liaise with surveyors, contractors and developers to create a smooth process in a timely manner. We advise and create documentation for residential tenancies and commercial leases, ensuring that both landlord and tenant are aware of their rights and what they are signing.”

With the establishment of conveyancing as a separate entity in 2006, Bobbie-jo took the opportunity to follow up her 20 year career as a legal executive with an intensive two-year diploma course in property law. Five years ago she set up Conveyancing Plus in Waiuku before expanding to Pukekohe in 2016.

“The community has really welcomed the office on Pukekohe's main street, situated among the real estate agents' offices and close to the banks.

“Having offices in both Waiuku and Pukekohe makes it easy for clients to visit, wherever they happen to be.”

Making life easy for her clients is a driving force for Bobbie-jo. For many of her clients, buying a home is their first encounter with the legal profession. For first home buyers in particular, it's a big step involving lots of decisions and committing scary amounts of hard earned money.

“It's a bit like diving into a big pool in the river without knowing what snags may be hidden under the surface. Like anything new, buying property can be full of pitfalls and unexpected complications, but our job is to steer our clients through all the necessary procedures and guide them into smooth waters.”

Providing professional guidance to navigate everything, dot the 'I's and cross the 'T's, sort the finance and make sure all the contractual and legal details are in order is what the Conveyancing Plus team does best.

“There can be a lot of emotion bound up in a property transaction, whether it's a first home buyer, nervous but excited about taking that initial step into the property world, or retirees parting with the family home and downsizing to a retirement village. Or maybe it's an investor adding to a portfolio or purchasing a business, who just wants all the legal and financial details tied up securely.

“Communication is key in this process. We keep in contact with all stakeholders and put everything in layman's terms so that intentions are clear.“It's all about building relationships. Helping our clients with their property transactions naturally leads on to helping to plan the future for them and their families, from drafting wills to buying and selling businesses.”

Conveyancing Plus is itself something of a family business, with Bobbie-jo's husband Rocky providing solid support as a trust accountant, and a daughter helping out in the university holidays. Bobbie-jo and her colleague, fellow conveyancing practitioner Linda Wilson, are both Waiuku residents, and their in-depth knowledge of the area is a real plus for clients buying or selling property in Franklin. Well known in local netball circles, Bobbie-jo also has a long connection with Waiuku College, as past pupil and former Board of Trustees member.

A firm believer in supporting the local area, she's pleased to be able to set up shop on her home turf, and with the expansion of the super city she doesn't see things slowing down any time soon.

So, how much will it cost? That's always the big question.“Our charges are very competitive. We provide a complete service. Our fixed fee structure allows clients to know what their costs will be, and if extra work is required we'll keep them fully informed.


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