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Making those big financial decisions could be easier than you thought…

Okay, hands up who loves supermarket shopping!

Hmmm… thought not. So much choice, so many products, what's on special and what's not, what's the best deal, can I afford it and do I really need it anyway. Nothing is as simple as it seems and often it's easiest to grab the same old same old without taking a look to see if there's a better alternative.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a personal shopper to do it all for you, some skilled and impartial magician to go calmly round the shelves picking the best products at the best prices, sorting through all those choices for you and saving you heaps of time, money and angst? Someone to steer you away from that tempting chocolate aisle and make some healthy decisions? And best of all, someone you didn't even have to pay.

Maybe that option doesn't exist for groceries, but it does for an arguably far more important part of life – your finances. That's where Counties Home Loans and Insurance comes in. Between them, Geoff Wilton, Hannah Wilton and Rowena Derry have a combined 30 years of experience cherry-picking the best deals in home loans and insurance for their clients.

“When you go to a bank for a loan, they will offer you their own financial packages and rates, which may or may not be the most favourable for a particular client,” Geoff explains.

“As a registered financial advisor, I am able to focus entirely on the needs of individual clients and seek out the best possible deal for each one. Because we are accredited with a number of major lenders, including the main banks, we can shop around for interest rates and terms which best suit our clients' circumstances.

“Many people find dealing with large corporate banks daunting, but with our knowledge and contacts we can take over that burden. Because of our specialised focus we can provide personalised service, whether it's helping a family into their first home, refinancing or hunting down the best rate for a business venture.”

The personal service doesn't end there.

“We are happy to meet with clients wherever and whenever suits. We understand not everything can be crammed into a nine to five day. For many people it's just not possible to meet with us during their working day, so we will visit clients in their own home when both partners are able to be present and have the time to discuss their needs in full without being rushed.”

Not only do Counties Home Loans and Insurance sort out the best rates, they save you the trouble of chasing up the paperwork.

“Following up the progress of your loan application can be time consuming and frustrating. At Counties Home Loans we look after you, from lodging the loan to settlement and beyond. A bank will do the loan, but then you are on your own to make sure everything comes together at settlement. Dealing with a bank often means dealing with a call centre – and we all know how infuriating that can be!

You can learn more about Counties Home Loans and Insurance on their website, or phone Geoff on 0274 444 492 or Rowena on 027 4330 344. Find out how they can help to make those major financial decisions a whole lot simpler and save you money.

Who knows, you could end up with a whole lot more cash to spend at the supermarket!


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