Independent Hearing Care Specialists

Providing individualized specialist services for your hearing needs, nationwide.

With a new branch recently opened on Queen Street, Pukekohe, Total Hearing Care Ltd are leading and independent specialists in your hearing needs.

Experiencing gradual or sudden loss of hearing can be concerning for anyone, especially as we get older. If you or someone you know has exhibited signs of hearing loss, then book a hearing test with us. Our professional and experienced clinicians provide a hearing test at your initial appointment and work with you to provide hearing solutions and aids that work with you and your lifestyle.

With appointments that suit you, we even offer a mobile service where we can come see you in your own environment, with the sounds of your everyday life to provide a better result for fitting your hearing aid if needed.

At Hearing Total Care Ltd we believe the journey toward better hearing requires patience, support, and experience, and we are here to provide the professional support needed to help you transition from your hearing difficulties to the treatment with a wide range of brands and technology options to suit your budget.

If you suffer from hearing loss, tinnitus or feel you may need to have your hearing checked, contact one of our hearing healthcare centres in Thames, Henderson, Rotorua or Pukekohe, today

Total Hearing Care Ltd

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