Connecting Together

Providing Care, Intervention, Therapy and Guidance to children and families in Franklin

Connecting Together is a community run service run by Founder/Occupational Therapist, Melissa Walker-Tate.

Occupational Therapy provides therapy to children across four developmental areas working on functioning, participation, engagement for all the things that children want, need and have to do in life. (play, self-care and learning)

These four developmental areas are, Fine Motor, Coordination, Daily Living Needs and Sensory Play

Other support services include: Positive Behaviour Therapy, Mental Health Support, Autism, ADHD, Intellectual Disability, Anxiety & Parenting Support alongside other Connecting Together services such as Mental Health Services, schools and family, Key Worker Family Support, Emotional Regulation Therapy, Social Skills Therapy, Transition to school support, Community groups, workshops and presentations and Resources including visuals made for home, sensory products, writing resources, toys and books.

For more information if Occupational Therapy is right for your child please see the website and complete a checklist, or call/email Melissa for more details 02102915235



Connecting Together