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Your Home NZ Ltd , experienced and qualified builders in New Home Design and Building, Renovations, Lifestyle living apartments, Farm Sheds and Equine facilities.

We are NOT a franchise and with us you don't have to pay all those extra franchise fees. We're about getting you the right result for the right price every time.

We understand that building a new home or renovation can be a complex journey and with our professional team we design and build beautiful homes. You can be sure you are provided with the best service every step of the way from start to finish and you'll work with a team of professional privately owned licenced building practitioners.

Once you’ve decided building new is right for you, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration before buying your section, lifestyle block or subdivision or knock down rebuild.

Budget - Make sure you get your finances sorted!

Find out how much you can afford to spend before you begin your plans. We work with some amazing professional mortgage lenders, so see how we can help you with this vital first step.

Land – Let us help with some due diligence with this key part of the build. We can come to site and address some of the key areas we need to source and help you with addressing these and get sorted right from the start.

Design and Build - What do you want and what do you need in your new home? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and car spaces will your family need? What are the aspects you can’t live without, and which elements have a little room for compromise?

We work closely with you to cover all the details of a new home design. A professional friendly service to help you get it right avoiding those costly mistakes. Remember we are always on hand to help as it is our job to ensure the home you choose is one you’ll adore!

But wait, there's more...........!!!

Not only do we offer outstanding build services, we can also help you with that long awaited renovation or lifestyle apartment living or farm shed. We know all there is to know about renovating and enjoy helping you get the right result. We live in a Lifestyle apartment and take pride in showing people - we love it that much.

We know about designing stables for people with horses and we have customers to prove it. To top it off, we always have a rural farm shed on the go whether it be for hay, Gold Star calf sheds, Moolooba Dairy feed pads or implement storage facilities. Come and talk to the experts.

Ask yourself these important questions before choosing your build partner:

- are you happy to pay a franchise company an extra 5-6% for head office costs?

- leaky homes are a minefield and costly. Would you feel comfortable living in one?

- are you happy to pay someone to renovate or build your new home who has no expertise in building?

- would you like to have 3rd party contractors building your home who are not managed by one builder?

- would you feel happy to pay a consultant to project manage your build without seeing value for it?

- are you happy using products on your home that are not suitable for NZ conditions?

- would you feel happy for an architect to design a home that you couldn’t afford to build?

- can I afford delays if I choose the wrong builder?

Answer no to all of the above and you’re on the right path to success choosing Your Home NZ Ltd today.

Whatever style of build you choose, our builds come with a "Buildproof Guarantee" that gives you peace of mind now but also in the future that YOUR HOME is built to the ultimate professional standard by the YOUR HOME NZ LTD team.

Call now for a free consultation. Meet the owners and the rest of our professional team and let us show you some of our builds to experience and view our build quality.

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