Keeping You Safe on the Roads

With over 20 years experience in the industry the team at Archie's Tyremark in Pukekohe know a thing or two about tyres and their knowledge about reliability and suitability for all types of vehicles.

Tyres are an essential part of your vehicle and the safety link between you and the road that provide grip for accelerating and braking, maintain steering, support the weight of your car and act as a shock absorber from vibrations from the road, yet many people don't get their tyres checked as often as they should, for whatever reason.

At Archie's Tyremart, there are a number of choices available to suit all budgets and their team will happily assist you in making those decisions so you can be rest assured you'll be getting the best service from people that care about your car and safety, they can even provide you a loan vehicle while they fit your tyres, so you can go do what you need to do.

For all your tyre needs, come and see the team at Archie's tyremart today

Archie's Tyremart

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