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#1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album Groovexpress

E Type Records is an indie record company with it's own state of the art hybrid recording solution. It was conceived out of necessity for releasing albums for the International artists out of New Zealand Groovexpress and solo artist Mykeljon.

Mykeljon is a well seasoned and successful composer, arranger, producer engineer and multi instrumentalist with many international credits with over 5,000 performances in his career so far. He is well qualified having studied for five years full time at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music Australia attaining his qualifications in music technology, jazz and instruments. After spending many years living is Australia and the USA Mykeljon decided to move back to New Zealand for a lifestyle change.

Groovexpress landed a #1 on the prestigious Billboard charts (USA's biggest and most influential) September 15th 2018 after nine weeks on the charts. "A huge achievement for any musician, it's like the wining the heavyweight title!" commented Mykeljon in a recent interview.

Along with the artist accolades as guitarist and vocalist also comes the recognition for his top work in production and sound engineering, "I like to keep a firm creative concept with all I do which allows a much more refined and successful music product upon completion" says Mykeljon.

Currently Mykeljon jon has been working exclusively on the two major acts Groovexpress and Mykeljon but is in the process of extending the artist roster. Digital distribution is available through E Type Records who has aligned themselves with the biggest platforms. "I have proven that you can as an Indie artist get to the top without a major record label deal" continues Mykeljon.

Mykeljon says E Type records specialises in live music production and is not restricted to New Zealand based artists, "Music projects are often recorded in different parts of the world as are my own albums, that is wonderful marriage or artistry and technology.

Get in touch if you have a project you'd like to get out there! Bear in mind E Type Records does not fund or advance.

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