Ian Cummings – Independent candidate for Port Waikato

Authorised by Ian Cummings, 149-187 Roscommon Road, Auckland

Vote Ian Cummings for Port Waikato, your voice for real change.

I am standing as an independent candidate for Port Waikato for one reason and one reason only - you and I deserve better.

Real Representation

I am standing as an Independent candidate and I am asking for your electorate vote. As a non-partisan candidate I will provide you with a credible alternative and a far more effective voice for you and Port Waikato in Parliament.

As an independent MP I will be free to put the needs of our community first. Except in rare circumstances Members of Parliament with an affiliation to a political party are bound to follow party voting rules. By contrast, and as your Independent MP, I will be free to put your needs and the needs of Port Waikato first. I will consider issues pragmatically, consult with you in considering my vote and always act on clearly declared conviction. I will ensure you and the people of Port Waikato will have genuine advocacy in Parliament.

Real Government

The first duty of government is to protect lives, not legislate to end them. We need to ensure our political leaders have the courage to uphold the laws of morality.

The latest census results show most voters within the Port Waikato electorate associate their religious beliefs with Christianity. This is a faith I share, and while supporting all members of our community regardless of belief or faith, I see this election as posing some clear moral choices. Our vote is a moral decision.

Using our democratic power, we can proudly lead the world as a nation that values and protects the sanctity of life.

Real Economic Recovery

Our Parliament remains stacked with socialists. They want a government-managed economy and would like to dictate who gets what unless voters see fit to stop them.

Socialism on the face of it is a wonderful idea. It is only the reality that does not cooperate. It is enormously concerning that the government believes it has a higher claim over our lives and property than we do. I will work to change that.

The private and voluntary sector, not the government, is where the endless capacity for innovation, creative thought and prosperity comes from. I am a strong advocate for free enterprise. If you are too then I am asking for your electorate vote.

I agree with the need to face up to the climate change challenge but prefer an approach that also boosts economic development and protects property rights.

Real Freedom

The government has a duty to safeguard our rights, not take them away. If our freedoms can be taken away in times of crisis, e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic, then are they really freedoms, or just a licence via a temporary government permission slip subject to the whims of politicians in power?

It seems that more and more every one of us is somehow being judged, targeted, monitored or snooped on based on someone else’s agenda. I believe the government should work for us not against us and yet it seems that more and more, the decisions the government and bureaucrats make about what to do for us are having an increasingly adverse impact on our lives and freedoms. I am of the view that when we are freer and with voluntary co-operation, we can solve problems from the bottom up far better that from the top down.

Unlimited governments always hurt people and always take their stuff. The government should be limited and never take sides based on the colour of your skin, who your parents are or how much you earn. Its job is to react to how you behave, not to how you think.

My bottom-line convictions include:

# Don’t hurt people

# Don’t take other people’s stuff

# Take responsibility to solve your own problems

# Work hard

# Mind your own business

# Stand up against corrupt authority


Born Christchurch

Married with four children

Board member of a local Pukekohe School

General Manager of a company operating major infrastructure utilities

Tertiary qualifications:

Bachelor Arts (History)

Fitter & Turner Trade Certificate

Vote Ian Cummings, your voice for real change


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