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Do you have pine trees on your property that you want gone?

PTT Logging has operated in the wider Auckland area since 2013, and specialises in pine tree removal, including shelter belts, plantations, and removing dangerous or pesky trees that are just getting in the way.

Because PTT are loggers, not arborists, they have bigger equipment and more experience with larger trees, which means we are quicker and cheaper than their many of their competitors. For shelter belt removal, PTT will often take the logs as full payment for their services, meaning no cost to you. If you have a large number of mature trees (150+), they will even pay you!

When it comes to unwanted trees, one thing is certain: the trees will be bigger next week, and the problem will be bigger as well. So don't hesitate! Call PTT Logging today on 027 2934555 for a free, no-obligation appraisal, and get your tree problem sorted.


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