Isotropic Super Finishing

by Pukekohe Performance Componentry Refinishing (PPCR)

Super Finishing removes the asperities that are inherent in the manufacturing process. By safely removing these microscopic peaks, the Super Finishing process leaves a uniform surface that reduces friction and allows for increased lubrication capability.

Leaving the dimensional integrity of the part intact, the result is an improved component that will operate at lower temperatures, have increased durability, quieter operation, and increased time between maintenance.

Applications include:

• Crank shaft assemblies • Connecting Rods • Gudgeon / Wrist Pins • Cam Shafts • Lifters • Transmission Assemblies • Drive Shaft and Final Drive Assemblies • Gears • Oil Pump Gears

The use of lubricants with a higher viscosity is possible, which can result in longer maintenance intervals, in turn creating savings in running costs. A total win-win!

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