Pukekohe Performance Componentry Refinishing (PPCR)

Whatever gets your blood pumping – whether it be classic cars, motorcycles, heavy machinery or aircraft – PPCR is your one-stop shop for cleaning, restoring, and refinishing mechanical components for your performance project.

At our Pukekohe workshop, we offer a suite of specialised finishing services to breathe new life into your performance parts.

Our innovative Vapour Blasting treatment gently cleans, polishes, and peens your components to a stunning revived finish. Because it does not abrasively remove material like traditional sand-blasting, it can be used on a multitude of surfaces, from ferrous metals like steel and cast iron, to aluminium, magnesium, plastics, and even glass.

Once cleaned, our Super Finishing process smoothes, deburrs, and destresses your metal parts without expensive and time-consuming hand finishing. From crank shafts, connection rods, pump gears to transmission assemblies, Super Finishing reduces friction and increases lubrication capability to give your ride increased durability, quieter operation and increased time between maintenance.

For unrivalled thin-film surface performance, even at extreme temperatures, our Performance Ceramic Coatings give ultimate protection and aesthetics for high-stress components, such as pistons, brake callipers, exhaust headers and systems.

And because our services are much less time-consuming than traditional hand-finishing methods, we can not only get your parts turned around faster, but more affordably – so you can save your time and money for what you love doing best.

So give PPCR a call today for a free consultation and quote, and find out how we can work with you to restore and revive your automotive, marine, or aviation components!



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183 Manukau Rd
Pukekohe 2120

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