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New Year Resolutions: Good Intentions? Get the Results!

NZKM Fitness

by Oz van Leeuwen, NZKM Fitness

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, It’s all about understanding

There are very good reasons to see the New Year’s fitness and wellness resolution through.

I’m fairly confident that when Julius Caesar introduced the modern calendar in 45 BC it caused a stir among the Romans to find new ways to outdo each other with promises on how they would make their transition into the New Year worthy. And not a great deal has changed.

And although I imagine that Romans prioritised spa visits over going on a fitness bender, the principal is the same.

Sure, we all do the New Year’s resolution thing with the right intentions … right? But is it actually doable?

A whole raft of recent studies shows that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions people’s heartfelt intentions crumble within weeks of that fridge-magnet calendar being replaced. And there are good reasons for that, just like there were good reasons for the New Year’s resolution in the first place.

When it comes to fitness and wellness, we simply don’t set ourselves clear and realistic goals, a vague term such as “lose weight” is just not going to do it. And despite efforts to convince ourselves of the opposite, the ingrained “failure anticipation” is always there affecting our subconscious, after all it’s based on our past experiences.

There is a myriad of other compelling reasons why great intentions often fall by the way-side, but if you follow some basic rules it is entirely achievable to meet targets and do a wee fist bump here and there to celebrate success where in the past there was, well failure. Evidence of your accolades and achievements is a sure way to encourage yourself, and likely those around you. And let’s face it everyone is a captive audience when you feel, look and basically do everything better.

And that’s where we come in. Our people at NZKM Fitness understand these pitfalls and, well to be honest, are motivated through the same evidence gathering process. Success for us is measured through the flow-on effect of you doing well, and that means helping you achieve goals that you actually thought were important enough to start with. It’s all about understanding achievable goal setting and the very first goal is to call me. It may be the single most important call you will make.

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