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Road Safety Reminder

NZ Police

Road Safety reminder from Counties Manukau Police for the upcoming holiday period.

I’m sure like most of you out there your fingers are currently crossed that the warm sunny weather is here for the next few months. Along with the warmer weather comes our community getting out and about around our stunning district. It’s timely for us to all take a moment to think about road safety and how to keep each and every one of us around for Christmas.
Police are urging motorists to drive safely these holidays and avoid another tragic death on our roads. Any death or injury is one too many, and everyone – including road users need to do their part to reduce road trauma. Police cannot do it alone, road safety needs to be everyone’s responsibility. There are several ways you can help yourself and others to stay safe on the roads, including: • Watch your speed • Allow extra time for your journey so you are not having to rush • Maintain following distances • Only overtake if it is safe to do so • Make alternative arrangements when you have been drinking • Make the journey part of your holiday - plan breaks and take your time • Make sure you and everyone in your car wears a seatbelt or has the appropriate restraint • Above all, drive considerately and with patience – the way we drive affects others Your local police will have a visible and proactive presence on the road during the upcoming holiday season using a mixture of prevention and enforcement activities, focusing on areas of highest demand and risk. The things to remember are very simple – drive to the conditions, free from impairment and make sure everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained. By doing this, you will dramatically reduce your chances of being hurt on the road. Being courteous to other drivers on the road is also vital. It’s important that drivers remain patient, courteous and respectful of others using the roads and don’t take unnecessary risks with their safety or the safety of others. Counties Manukau Police want to emphasise that the speed limit is just that, the limit. The speed limit is not a target and should not be exceeded. We all know our roads are unique and challenging – the faster we travel, the greater the risk. Often a strip of paint is all that separates you from oncoming traffic. If you crash, regardless of the cause or who is at fault, speed is the single factor that most affects the outcome. Just a few kilometres per hour can be the difference between avoiding a collision or a crash with a tragic outcome. South Auckland will experience a lot of traffic over the holiday period with people heading out of the city. We need your help to keep our roads safe. I hope you all have a very safe and happy month, let’s work together to keep our district safe.

Inspector Rod Honan

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