Motown Magic

with Veteran Michael B. Sutton

The Sound of Los Angeles representing a new wave of dynamic artists in different genres- R&B, Jazz, Gospel and Dance.

Title: Motown Magic with Veteran Michael B. Sutton

Subtitle : Motown Veteran Michael B. Sutton Launches The Sound of L.A. Entertainment Company with New Distribution Deal with Orchard/Sony.

R&B, Pop, Jazz, Gospel and Dance Genres Gloriously Represented with Dynamic New Artists

The four-decades plus veteran of the music industry who has worked with Kanye West/Jay-Z (Guess Who’s Back) Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and more, is on a mission to reestablish the sound of Los Angeles and invite the world to share in its unique groove. Beginning life focusing on music and records distributed via Orchard/Sony, The Sound of Los Angeles will ultimately include periodicals publishing, video and other ventures.

“The Sound of LA came to me after realizing the diversity of musical styles in Los Angeles,” states CEO Sutton. “I’ve always felt that Los Angeles has a distinctive sound that was palpable from when I first arrived here in the mid-`70s from Oakland. A few months ago, I realized that the artists I am currently working with represent that diversity – Ethnical, Magical yet Original.”

Artists in the initial rollout of The Sound of Los Angeles are the following:

• Aneessa – Release of her new Smooth Jazz single “Back to Life"

• Dionyza – Female Urban Pop singer: first single, “If it Kills”

• Groovexpress – Innovative Jazz Group: Release of the first HIT single “Geraldine” from the Album Amsterdaam

• DriveTime – Jazz sextet from Philadelphia led by percussionist Bernie Capodici: first single, “Mysterious Life” (instrumental)

• STeaDY – Rapper from Oakland: first single, “Usual”

• Mitchell Coleman, Jr. – Bassist currently promoting his third CD, Gravity CD: current single, a cover of Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It” featuring former New Edition lead singer, Ralph Tresvant

• R.J. Wilson – Gospel singer akin to Luther Vandross: single, “I Found You”

• Michael B. Sutton – Old-School Soul love man: first single, “Sex U”

Leading the Pack - Michael B. Sutton Returns Strong with new Single

In time for summer renowned former Motown songwriter/producer Michael B. Sutton is flexing his trademark sense of soulful sensuality with the release of his first single in 15 years.

Released via his own Little Dizzy Records company via Sound of L.A. Records, “Sex U” is a remix of a song first recorded on his collector’s item CD Hopeless Romantic back in 2003. Having spent much of the last 15 years working to produce music including Aneessa (a fiery update of Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life”) and his daughter Dionyza (“If it Kills”). Michael is ecstatic to return to his first love of singing songs of love, and romance for fans that like their music on the soulful sensuous side.

Michael says of the new single “It’s all about feeling sexy” My intention is for couples to elevate their thinking to encompass all that is sexy about each other, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

The best love is deep and beautiful - a God-given journey of emotion and physicality for us to explore with gusto and passion. While some may shy away from it, there is a very sexual aspect to romance that should never be ignored nor separated from love. Courtship, seduction, interconnecting, mutual fulfillment – they all go together hand in hand”

“Sex U” is a sultry collaboration between Michael B. Sutton and co-remixer Christian B. that includes new guitar parts by session/touring A-lister Tommy Organ (“Michael Jackson’s This Is It” and “The George Lopez Show”), sizzling percussion by Timbali and background vocals by Dioynza.

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