Digital Edition – December 2018 (#213)

Police Beat

On The Roads This Holiday Season

with NZ Police

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is nearly upon us which means a

lot of us will be out and about over the next month attending events

residents travelling away to holiday destinations. It’s a good time to

remind ourselves that we need to prepare ourselves and our vehicles

to ensure we get there safely.

Most of us are nearly in the holiday mode, which often includes

enjoying BBQs, dinners and parties where alcohol is consumed. Please

ensure there is a sober driver or a plan to get home safely whether it

be by taxi, Uber or public transport. We have been conducting CBT

checkpoints in and around our Police District and I can assure you

other Police districts are doing the same. The best decision on a night

out, or after consuming alcohol is to have a sober driver.

Always ensure you drive to the conditions, and with lengthy delays

sometimes over the holiday period, particularly to favourite spots,

such as the Coromandel or Northland; patience behind the wheel is


Part of getting to your destination safely is ensuring that your vehicle

is up to WOF standard, paying particular attention to tyres and brakes.

Plan your drive time, ensuring the driver takes plenty of breaks, so they

can remain focussed during lengthy driving periods.

Vehicles towing is another issue when families are travelling to

holiday destinations. Be considerate if you are driving a slower vehicle

or towing, and when possible pull over to the left to allow other road

users pass to travel at normal road speed. Impatience is often the

cause of many crashes, where chances are taken by motorists to get

past slower vehicles. Please ensure trailers, caravans, motor-homes

and the like are up to WOF standard, and ensure you drive to the

conditions and consider the driving requirements of these vehicles

when in operation.

If you’re planning on going away on holiday please ensure your

property is locked securely when away from the address, and don’t

forget your sheds, garages and out buildings. If you are away on

holiday, please advise your neighbours and have someone check on

your property regularly. Make every effort to make it look as if people

are still living at the address daily, giving consideration to installing

timers on lights, having a friend move vehicles around, hang washing

on the line and clear your post. Please don’t make it easy for burglars,

as steps can be taken to prevent your property being targeted.

Finally, on behalf of Counties Manukau Police I would like to wish

you a safe and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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elocal Digital Edition – December 2018 (#213)

elocal Digital Edition
December 2018 (#213)