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Winter Is Coming

Tree Magic Arborists

The high winds over the last couple of weeks have been a stark reminder that winter is just around the corner. After one of the best summers and autumn periods we can remember, it is safe to say we are due some bad weather in the near future.

With such a wet end to last year and a long hot period straight afterwards, the tree and hedge growth has been immense with a lot of our clients commenting on the record amount of growth around their properties. In some cases, this can be a cause for concern, because with the extra growth more branch weight is apparent and during periods of bad weather this is the main reason for trees failing and uprooting.

If you identify a tree on your property you believe is getting too big for the area it was originally planted, or the branches look like they are heavily weighed down due to age or extra growth, then pruning or reducing the size and weight of the entire tree or just concentrating on problematic areas can be a great solution. A ‘crown reduction’ is a fancy arborist term for ‘making trees smaller’. We usually aim to remove approximately 30% of the trees overall canopy and always prune back to new growth points to allow the tree the best chance of recovery. This has a great effect on the overall size of the tree and removes all the top weight, which reduces the chance of how your trees are affected by wind and rain.

A quick walk around your property can easily identify trees you believe may need attention. It is also beneficial to have a look at the larger branch unions (where they join the main stem) and if you see any cracks or poorly developed branch structure, it would be a good idea to look into how you can rectify the issues before the winter winds take care of the problem their own way! If you’re unsure about your trees or need some professional help feel free to call us for a free site visit and quote.

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