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Time Out for New Parents!

with Parents Health Haven

If you are pregnant or a new parent or grandparent then you need to check out Parents Health Haven, a built for purpose, Physiotherapy, Pilates and wellbeing clinic that has recently opened up at 7b Parerata Road, Pukekohe. The brain child of qualified local Physiotherapist Melissa de Jongh and her husband Simon, Melissa set up the clinic specifically with busy families in mind after her own experiences trying to maintain her own wellbeing and pain niggles during pregnancy.

“We realised with our experience in general physio and fitness that there was a real gap in the market for helping those that are suffering from back pain and other injuries when they are pregnant. It is so hard to know what is 'safe' to do when you are pregnant to help relieve pain so that you can keep functioning in today’s busy world.”

With numerous post-graduation courses under her belt, including Reformer Pilates and Acupuncture Melissa set about creating Parents Health Haven. The result is a service that caters to the health and wellbeing of pregnant mums as well as parents with young children in a way that makes it achievable and rewarding for everyone. Melissa, Instructor Wendy and Practice Administrator Kiri offer traditional physiotherapy sessions as well as a series of tailored ante natal, post-natal and general wellbeing classes in an environment set up specifically to support new parents and their children.

“We have created a dedicated toddler/pre-schooler area and also baby mats and bouncers so that parents can come along to a class or treatment session and know that their baby/child is ok (usually even having fun!). Our classes are all 30 minutes so that parents can fit their exercise into their busy day and we know that this is about the length of time that toddlers will happily play for before demanding mum or dad’s attention.”

The focus on overall wellbeing is evident at Parents Health Haven. From the comfortable waiting lounge area that includes breast feeding chairs, the baby change table in the bathroom, the flexible schedule for classes throughout the week that includes classes for 55+ ages group, “our all-important grandparents” says Melissa right through to the espresso coffees and speciality earth mama teas which are safe to consume whilst pregnant or breast feeding, Melissa has made sure that her clients will feel right at home.

“We really want to provide a service that will contribute in a really positive way to the community and one that we can be really proud of. We are not just another clinic. We really care about our clients and about making a difference. I really believe that when people walk in the door, they are going to be looked after!”

Online Bookings Available! Or contact the team today.

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