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The Very Vintage Day Out

Miss Pinup New Zealand 2019

For anyone who has dabbled in the vintage or pinup community and culture there is one event that is set into their calendars each year and that is the Very Vintage Day Out. This year, the home of the Jack Daniel’s Miss Pinup New Zealand pageant.

The aim of the Miss Pinup New Zealand pageant is to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident, step out of their comfort zones and to show their inner and outer beauty through the art of pinup.

The Middle weekend of October saw twelve nervous, but excited women strut their stuff on the stage for the Miss Pinup pageant showcasing to the judges and the community what pinup meant to them. They emulated the pinnacle of pinup style and grace within each category, Daywear, Swimwear and Eveningwear as well as entertaining the crowd in the talent section.

As one of those twelve girls I can say without a hint of a doubt that all though the competition was fierce, the comradery was even fiercer, and I count myself truly lucky to have shared this experience with eleven beautiful, witty and talented women and look forward to seeing this continue in 2020.

— Estelle Belle, Jack Daniels Miss Pinup NZ 2019 Runner Up

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elocal Digital Edition – November 2019 (#224)

elocal Digital Edition
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