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Everyone Needs a Little Help

NZKM Fitness

by Oz van Leeuwen, NZKM Fitness

Ministry of Health Statistics on the obesity epidemic in NZ make for sobering reading. One third of adult New Zealanders are obese with a further third being overweight, three times what it was in the 1970’s, and the 3rd highest in the OECD.

With studies showing a direct correlation between obesity and debilitating diseases, mental health issues and increasingly, shortened life expectancy, you’d think these figures would be on the way down. But no, as it turns out experts are suggesting NZ may hit 50% obesity within 10 years.

Although generally it seems to fit our modern society to say that the causes are complex, the reality is that most experts agree on it being the combination of two factors, namely a greater availability of cheap, energy dense, nutrient poor food, and a reduction in physical activity levels.

So, there you have it, the makings of a solution. Well a fair chunk of it anyway.

And that’s what it takes. A solution driven response to an ever-growing problem, excuse the pun. And it hard to see why there is not a more concerted nationwide effort to curb this epidemic.

The very same MOH report I referred to earlier has identified this issue being the greatest burden on our health care services. And honestly, when I read the figures for our young with all the accompanying issues attached, I felt properly disheartened.

So, it’s up to you. And if you choose to walk through our doors, it’s up to you and us.

When we ask our clients why they come to us the answer is predominantly, “I want to enjoy my later years with my grandkids, and that starts now” or “I’m getting married, and ….. ” Whatever your reason, when it comes to making changes for the better, we all need a little help. You can come and see us at NZKM in Pukekohe so we can help find a solution with you. It’s what we do.

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