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A Whole New Lifestyle

Acacia Cove residents make the most of lockdown

with Acacia Cove Village

For the residents of Acacia Cove, lockdown hasn’t been that tiresome after all, despite all planned activities being cancelled. They have been kept busy with a whole new way of utilising the many facilities that life at Acaica brings and along the way many have made new friends.

The low density design of the village even allowed one industrious resident to engage in bucket golf!

Village Manager Bruce Cullington says that the residents have made the most of the time to connect with each other, make new friends around the village and strengthen ties with existing ones.

“It has been great to see the way everyone has pulled together and managed to make the most of what potentially could be a challenging time.”

Many streets have had morning teas or afternoon drinks but ensure strict social distancing protocols are followed. Residents took up walking or cycling and most seem to have increased their fitness over the lockdown. It certainly helped that the weather has been great.

Staff have been in contact with all residents living alone and organised daily or agreed to timeframes to check in on how people are coping. They have even gathered together to serenade those residents who have had birthdays over the time, ensuring that occasions usually filled with family and social gathering are not forgotten.

“Simple things make the world of difference and sharing in occasions with our residents whom would normally be out and about enjoying special times with the family is something we can do to keep everyone’s spirits up.”

Another way the village has assisted residents is by buying food in bulk, over $8000 worth weekly which is then packaged onsite and delivered to residents who have pre-ordered their requirements. Removing the risks associated with supermarket shopping and keeping the residents well stocked and safe.

Acacia Cove has taken all the necessary steps to making sure its residents are its top priority. They invite you to get in touch and see how the way they offer living can present you with a whole new lifestyle.

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131 Wattle Farm Road
Wattle Downs

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