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Spring into Action

with Tree Magic Arborists

It’s been a highly unusual year with many of us spending an increased amount of time at home and in our gardens. For some this has been a godsend as it has allowed us to catch up on house and garden jobs and commence on long overdue projects. Fast forward to October and it feels like spring has well and truly arrived! Blossoms are out and the lush green buds are starting to appear. The weather is warming up and if you are like us here at Tree Magic, early Spring is definitely one of our favourite times of the year and one of the fastest growing times in your garden.

With Summer and Christmas just around the corner, October is a great time to get out in your garden and have a look at which trees need pruning before Summer and to identify any damage that has occurred over the winter months. Attended to now, professional, accurate pruning and thinning will mean you get the very best out of your garden trees and that’s where we can help. The initial spring growth starts to slow down around November so it is also prudent to get your hedges cut at this time of year. They will stay looking good for longer into the new year and avoid the dried out, burnt look of the middle of summer cut.

Daylight savings has kicked in, and as we start to see longer days with more sunshine the ground moisture levels start to dry out, so October is a great time to get the wheelbarrow out and get stuck into spreading compost and mulch. With an unusually dry winter this year, mulching will be incredibly important to retain as much ground moisture as possible. Spread it over the root/drip line area at the base of your trees at least 100mm thick but remember to leave the area close into the main trunk clear.

Mulch that is piled up against the main stem too thick can cause rot and allow bacteria to penetrate. Mulching will keep the weeds around your trees and hedging at bay and provide a barrier against the sun and wind.

Whether it’s pruning or removing trees of any size, we offer a complete, safe and efficient service. If you have a question or need any advice about trees on your property, please give us a call.

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