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The Best Air All Year Round

with Perfect Air

Perfect Air are your local heat pump specialists, and their name is indeed their aim.

Originally formed in 1978 and co-owned by Mike Richards and Graeme Melville since 2011, the team at Perfect Air know that perfect is a big ask, but it is something every team member strives for in all aspects of their service every day.

“If it heats, cools or brings in fresh air, we do it and strive to do it with perfection,” says Mike Richards, owner of Perfect Air in Pukekohe.

Heat Pumps are commonplace in many countries whose inhabitants take temperature control seriously and they have recently caught on in New Zealand in a big way largely due their affordability, decreasing running costs and quiet operation.

Selecting a heat pump isn't a simple matter, but a scroll through Perfect Air's excellent website: www.perfectair.co.nz will tell you just about everything you need to know about the heating, cooling and air quality benefits of heat pumps. The efficiency of heat pumps is legendary, providing heat or cooling at the touch of a button for a fraction of the running costs of other electric heaters and coolers. And aesthetically, heat pump design has come a long way from the bulky, noisy boxes of old.

“We aren't bound to any particular product – in fact, we have access to 11 different brands. We recognise that every house is different, and every owner's requirements are different. Our focus is on offering people the best solution for their needs, and we consult fully with our clients to determine what's right for them,” Mike says.

The team at Perfect Air will walk you through the various options, whether off the plans for a new house or in-home for an existing home. They offer a full free quotation, considering all aspects of each unique situation, and there's quality after sales support.

Perfect Air has a dedicated service department which will call customers annually to offer a good clean-up of their heat pumps – and when owners see just what the service people find, they're definitely keen to book in every year.

“In some units we find chunks of mould the size of your thumb – not what you want in the air inlet to your house! We fully strip down each unit inside and out, cleaning all systems including the heat exchanger, fan assembly and filter.

“Regular servicing will add years to the life of your heat pump, keeping it working properly and helping to reduce power costs. Look after your unit and it will look after you.”

“This is a very weather-reactive business,” says Mike. “When conditions get very hot or cold, suddenly everybody realises they need a heat pump. Once they do get one, they don't know how they managed without, and they appreciate the extra benefits of clean, filtered air and controlled temperature on demand. It's a touch of luxury being able to set the thermostat so that your home is just the right temperature when you get out of bed or come home from work.

“Deciding on a heat pump may seem like a complicated decision, but Perfect Air has the range of equipment and the expertise to find the best possible solution to suit any situation.”

Perfect Air is at 12 Crosbie Road, Pukekohe. Call in, or phone them on 0508 247 737.

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