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Outrider Motorcycles Establishes New Performance Componentry Refinishing Division

with Pukekohe Performance Componentry Refinishing (PPCR)

If the words Vapour Blasting, Performance Ceramic Coatings, and Super Finishing surface treatment solutions make your spine tingle, then Pukekohe Performance Componentry Refinishing (PPCR) at Outrider Motorcycles is the place you need to visit!

Kane Middleton is the brains behind Outrider Motorcycles, a specialised shop where anyone with a genuine passion for all things motorcycles and powersports will find something for them. Especially if you are involved with vintage, classic or retro style genres.

“Owning and especially restoring a motorcycle or automobile takes a major commitment and a lot of attention to detail, we all can be time poor and we can help with that, we can help source parts from our global network of suppliers, and have special processes to get your project back into shape fast, so that you can enjoy it and without breaking the bank!”

These processes involve Vapour Blasting, an innovative and specialised surface treatment that gently cleans, polishes and peens your automotive components that were perhaps greasy, faded and rusty and revives them to a soft revitalised satin finish.

Super Finishing is a metal finishing process that improves durability significantly. Teeth in a gear for example that have been superfinished can last up to 4 times as long. It can also improve the component so that it operates in lower temperatures, is quieter in its operation and requires less maintenance.

Performance Ceramic Coatings is perhaps a more familiar term when it comes to automotive maintenance processes but is by no means one to be ignored to keep your components in tip top shape. The unique polymer-based composition provides superior performance with heat management and engine performance and is unrivalled as a thin coat protection exterior application.

With prices that are highly reasonable and a commitment to an exceptional level of customer service Kane and the team invite you to pop in and see them and see how they can improve your motorcycle, power sport or automotive project.


Can I Super Finish my vintage, classic or retro engine components?

Yes. The Super Finishing process is well suited for vintage and classic engine and transmission components. It de-stresses the metal component while removing surface hatching caused through years of use. The Super Finishing process applies to engine and transmission components such as crank shafts, con-rods, wrist pins, cam shafts, transmission sets, and differential components.

Do the Performance Ceramic Coatings come in a high temperature variant for my exhaust system?

Yes. We can treat your exhaust headers and exhaust system with a very high temperature coating. They can be applied effectively to engine casings, brake callipers, or any areas that endure temperature thermal shock.

What makes Performance Ceramic Coatings superior to other surface coatings?

PCC’s are a thin layer coating that are very hard, corrosive resistant, have great UV qualities, have thermal stability and ideal for exposure to our harsh environmental conditions. They can be applied to numerous items, including firearms. We also do Performance Ceramic Clears in High Gloss and Matte finishes, as well as a specialist aluminium clear.

Will Vapour Blasting damage any components such as my brass bushings in my vintage engine?

No, it is safe on almost every substrate including aluminium, magnesium, brass, copper, ferrous metals, stainless steel, wood, and plastics.

How does Vapour Blasting work?

Vapour Blasting works by flow as opposed to impact such as other blasting methods. The specialist media combinations utilised in the process are cushioned by water, meaning that no surface materials are removed, no media embedded in the part and there are no ‘hot spots’ creating warping. This results in a superior clean and professionally presented part.

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