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Flash Fiction Short Story Competition is a Chance to Tell Your Tale

with Franklin Writers Group

Everybody loves a story. Telling stories is an age-old art form, and a good story well told stays long in the memories of its listeners or readers.

This May, Franklin Writers Group is offering the chance to compose your own short story and finally let the ideas buzzing around in your head, the opportunity to get out.

The Franklin Writers' Group's biennial short story competition is on now. Past competitions have proved popular, with up to 100 entries.

This year the theme is ‘I remember’. Every original story, must start with those three words, so it's an opportunity to be nostalgic or create some great twists. There are excellent cash and sponsored prizes for the winners, and it's open to all ages. You can even entry up to 3 times as long as the entre fee is paid.

The concise format (entries must be under 300 words) mean words must be carefully chosen and used, story lines suggested subtly, and characters developed succinctly rather than in the broad brush expansive mode available for longer stories. It's a form that often makes the reader work harder than longer, looser writing.

Entering the competition could be the start of a writing career, whatever form that might take – children's literature, the popular family history, even poetry or the Great New Zealand Novel. The winning story will be published in elocal, giving its author exposure to a wide audience. Entries must be received by June 30th and may be emailed or, for those who prefer to see their work on paper, they may be posted in – but be kind to the judges and don't test their eyesight with your handwriting!

Check out the website http://tiny.cc/franklinwriterscomp or email us at franklinwriterscomp@gmail.com for more details.

Good luck, and happy writing!

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elocal Digital Edition – May 2021 (#242)

elocal Digital Edition
May 2021 (#242)