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Advice for Renovation Rookies

with Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions Franklin

One of the biggest comments we get when clients come to us is they wish they had come sooner. Being a design and Build renovation company, we can make sure that your wish list is going to fit the budget and we work with you through the entire process. When clients come to us with plans ready to go, they don’t often fit the budget and we have to help clients work through that process. We have put together a quick check list for anyone embarking on a renovation and encourage you to come and see us first to work through it together.

1. Unrealistic Budgets

Deciding which areas of the house that are most important to renovate first, and what you want to spend on those areas, is the first step to success. Get advice early on, so you can see if your budget is realistic. It might be that your budget will only cover the most important areas and you may have to further renovations at later stages. With the rising costs of building materials and delays, it’s also about making sure you have plenty for when the unexpected happens or is found. With renovations this is common to find things that shouldn’t be, so it pays to make sure you are covered.

2. Cutting Costs

We often see clients trying to cut costs by doing some of the labour and trades work themselves. It quite often it ends up costing more as the finish isn’t what they had envisaged, or they struggle to obtain a code of compliance on completion. Then they need more help to put the work right. The other side of this, is that it can cause delays in other areas which can also end up costing more. And sometimes we need to realise that the cost of doing things ourselves while saving money may cost in other areas. At Smith & Sons we can organise it all for you, from demolition to final sign off.

3. No Planning

Going into a renovation without a plan is like driving a car without a steering wheel, you don’t know where you are going to end up! If your budget is tight already you need everything carefully mapped out with clear costings. Choosing a builder who can do concept designs early on is a great way to see the plans on paper and ensure it is what you want. Changes during the construction phase of the project can really add costs and blow the budget.

With delays in getting materials the planning is playing a bit part at the moment. If you get the right builder from day 1 they can give advice on maybe substitute products or when to start the job to avoid the delays.

So, if you are planning improvements to your home and want to do it right first time, call the team at Smith and Sons Pukekohe today!

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