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Making Your Smile Worthwhile

Prosthodontist John Bell Brings New Life to Teeth

with John Bell Dental

John Bell's dental specialty doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but the difference he can make to your smile could be life-changing.

In past times, damaged or decayed teeth were either ignored or removed. But now the range of solutions available in the hands of a skilled professional like John means teeth can be restored to look and perform just as they should.

Prosthodontics is a specialist area of dentistry using specific techniques for repairing missing, broken or heavily filled teeth. These may include crowns, veneers, implants, dentures or bridges.

“The equipment and materials we use now produce a very natural appearance. We can build up and repair teeth to make them look as good as new. Implants provide a great tool for replacing missing teeth or stabilising dentures and worn or broken teeth can have their appearance and function restored with crowns or veneers.”

John has been in specialist practice as a prosthodontist since 1990. A graduate of Otago University's dental school, he undertook post graduate study in London before returning to Papakura to set up a clinic in the late 1970. Although he still offers all general dental treatments, prosthodontics now accounts for the majority of his work.

John likes to get his patients smiling - “every patient has to bring a new joke with them,” he says. “But seriously, a smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Not having an attractive smile can be a real social disadvantage, and if you're embarrassed about your teeth you won't have a lot to smile about. Broken or missing teeth, discoloured teeth, floppy dentures can all detract from a person's appearance and make them very self-conscious.”

The technical expert helping to create the new look is Jason Ma, a New Zealand registered dental ceramist who has worked with John for over 20 years.

“Jason is responsible for the technical laboratory work for all our crowns, bridges and implant prostheses. Having Jason on the premises and part of our team not only gives us control over materials but also enables us to closely monitor crown shades so that our patients get the best aesthetic results.” Prosthodontics isn't just about looking good. It's also about one of life's greatest necessities – and pleasures – eating. comfort immensely as well as opening the door to a whole new era of dietary delights.”

Although John and his team, which also includes practice manager Anita Connelly, can perform wonders in repairing the ravages of time and dental damage, the best advice is getting your teeth checked regularly.

“Just like your car, regular maintenance keeps everything working efficiently and ensures any problems can be dealt with early, before they become unmanageable.

“It's also a whole lot cheaper in the long run. Dentistry may be expensive, but neglect costs much more in both pain and money.”

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elocal Digital Edition
May 2019 (#218)

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