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Building Beautiful Futures

with Nick Bosanac Builders

Legacies can be amazing things, they shape who we are and where we have come from. They can also influence where we want to go and what we want to achieve. It was a family legacy of craftsmanship that influenced Nick Bosanac to craft out a business using skills handed to him through the generations.

His Great, Great Grandfather was a carpenter in a bustling European town, surrounded by centuries of inspirational architecture and craftsmanship. With a passion for what he could do with his hands, he packed his young family as many aspiring settlers were doing and set sail for their chance to share in the ‘American Dream’.

Settling just outside of Detroit Michigan, this emerging town welcomed the skilled builder and he used his skills to help shape this city into the icon it became in its heyday. Not in any one grand gesture, but in many small skilled tokens of his workmanship.

That love for his craft inspired 4 generations of builders who all share that same passion. Young Nick, blessed with the same desire to seek out a better life for himself set sail in the more modern vehicle of the day, the aeroplane and arrived as a fresh-faced tradesman eager to make his mark in the world.

Make his mark he certainly did, instantly smitten on a young local Karaka farm girl Kylie, who blessed with a passion for learning and having completed extensive travel further feeding her love of architecture and history was finally won over by his pursuit and the partnership that is Nick Bosanac Builders was conceived.

Their vision is simple, its about creating beautiful homes for beautiful people to create beautiful futures. Building a Nick Bosanac home means building a home that exudes warmth and style. It is built to your specifications with function being the main consideration, the necessity of balance and any workable compromises.

“I always ask people to consider the following when they are looking to plan a home, What do you use all the time? Where do you need to spend most of your time? Where do you want to spend most of your time? And what do you LOVE? people quickly work out the things that are really important for them to get right in their plan before rushing in and creating spaces they are not really going to use,” enthuses Kylie.

Nick is a true craftsman, he has a natural ability to be able to create with his hands the exact vision of what his clients come to him with to be built. Fortunately, unlike his Great Great Grandfather before him, the resources and technology available today allow him to create a much wider range of homes to suit the ever-changing needs of today’s families backed by far greater guarantees.

Nick and Kylie believe that not two people have the same needs and wants when designing and building a new home or altering one they have and say its important to talk the process through as much as possible and it is something they are more than happy to help clients with.

“Because we are independent, we can offer a unique bespoke service to you when you are considering renovations or building new. You can be inspired by something in the design from a house we have built but completely dislike the materials or fittings, or you may want to include something you have seen in another showhome. That’s fine, we don’t have set plans so we can design and plan something unique that is perfect for you,” Nick says

Because they are not tied down to a set range of plans, they have greater flexibility with things like materials and fittings. It could be contemporary Siberian larch horizontal weatherboard, rural charm vaulted ceilings combined with necessary underfloor heating through to the combination of the old and the new like in the new Nick Bosanac Homes showhome in Paerata rise.

The showhome has been designed to showcase what Nick and Kylie believe is the very best of what a Nick Bosanac home can offer. It is a seamless blend of modern and traditional design principals and the layout lends itself well to growing families or multi-generational family living. There is plenty of room for everyone, Kylie’s favourite part is the high stud ceiling that adds to the welcoming feeling you get as soon as you enter, and the light filled open void areas above create a wow factor.

“The home we have created at Paerata rise is a true reflection of what quality you can expect when your build with Nick Bosanac Homes. We would love you to come out and see for yourself and let us help you create your very own beautiful future.”

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