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Keeping Smiling!

with the team at Toothcare Pukekohe

with Tooth Care Pukekohe

Many people avoid going to the Dentist until they are forced to. Usually, a niggly pain suddenly turns into the toothache from hell, and the visit it not only necessary but urgent! Many people don’t realise that regular check-ups are not only affordable but compared with the cost of a dental emergency far cheaper in the long run.

The team at Toothcare Pukekohe know only too well how painful tooth issues can be and offer a friendly affordable service that will ensure that your teeth are looked after through all the milestones in your life.

Baljit has been practising in New Zealand since 2012, having immigrated from India where he previously worked in general dentistry and as an Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist) for well over 10 years. He was also a dentistry lecturer. His philosophy is about building relationships with his clients that last a lifetime and focuses on their overall dental and oral health.

“We can identify little issues before they grow if we see our clients on a regular basis, life is busy though, we understand that and so we make sure everyone is made aware of when they next need to come and see us.”

Treatment until your 18th birthday is free and Baljit’s team also run the mobile clinic at Pukekohe High School. He encourages parents to make an appt with the team at King St if they don’t believe their teenager has been seen in the last year.

“Some parents are not aware that their teenager is entitled to one free check up a year, but if they have tooth ache or other issues this could also be free, it pays to get it checked out. Even if it just to be told everything is ok!”

Toothcare Pukekohe offers a range of services including full mouth check-ups with x-rays, hygiene treatments, fillings, extractions, root canals through to orthodontics, wisdom tooth removal and the option for oral sedation for the extremely nervous patient.

“We understand that people can be nervous about visiting the dentist which is why my team and I take the time to understand your needs, explain the options, and answer any questions you have to help you make the right decision.”

Don’t wait until pain becomes the reason behind your decision making, make a call to the team at toothcare and ensure your smile is one that remains for years to come.

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