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Redefining the Way We Live

with eHaus

eHaus has been designing and building high performing homes across New Zealand for the last 10 years and winners of multiple industry awards. We specialise in the design and build of warm, dry, healthy homes.

Building a home is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime but unlike most other purchases, performance isn’t typically something people think about when building a home. And while Kiwis are becoming more and more aware that the homes we build in New Zealand are not as healthy, comfortable or energy efficient as homes built overseas, it is hard for people to know what this actually means. Adding more insulation is a good start, but there’s lots of reasons why the weather outside dictates the temperature of our homes inside.

Most of our homes are not warm enough in the winter without heaters, a heat pump or fires and in the height of summer, sleeping is difficult without air conditioners or open windows. Every room in the house has a different temperature and condensation on the windows is the norm creating mould and mildew. Windows and doors have to be opened to enjoy fresh air (and mosquitos!) and power bills can be $150-$450 per month depending on the time of the year.

So what does living in a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home look like?

A home that stays at a constant temperature of between 20-25 degrees in every room all year round so that you can move from room to room with no change in temperature. A home that has fresh filtered air constantly moving around the house reducing 98% of pollutants and stale air. Condensation and mould, which creates an unhealthy living environment and affects 1 in 3 kiwis, is a thing of the past and so is draughty windows and doors. A home that is built to be quiet and free from noise outside. Best of all a home that has been built smarter meaning energy bills are reduced by 50%-90% (compared with a code-built home).

“We love building homes that are not just beautiful to look at but are also sustainable, energy efficient and healthy” says Greg Penfold, Director of eHaus Auckland and “we are very excited to see a number of industry influencers encouraging homeowners to change the way we build our homes in New Zealand”. Consumer New Zealand wrote an article earlier this year highlighting that building to code is a minimum standard not the benchmark and ANZ has launched a new scheme to “try and improve energy efficiency and sustainability standards in New Zealand homes. They want to help improve building standards in New Zealand and create more homes that are warmer, drier and healthier”.

At eHaus we are building homes that redefine how we live. Homes that are designed and built to be healthier and more energy efficient and because we have the knowledge and expertise to do this you know that we deliver what we say we will.

If you have ever dreamt of living in a well designed home that gives you a better quality of lifestyle, why not call us and have a chat about our full design and build service.

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