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Trade in Any Tyre for Twenty Bucks!*

Your New Local Keeping You Safely on the Road

with Archie's Tyremart

Cars these days are built to go fast and most modern cars are well equipped with any number of safety features designed to keep those inside them safe in case of an accident. But it is often something that gets overlooked in the importance stakes, something that only has the same surface area as the palm of your hand that keeps you on the road. Your Tyres!

Archie’s Tyremart has recently opened at 20 Queen St in central Pukekohe to provide locals with a new choice when it comes to choosing Tyres for all your vehicle needs. Previously, Coopers Tyres, Manager Adam Nicholson wanted to develop more of a local business that didn’t necessarily have to conform to the choice or brand restrictions that some of the larger franchises insist on. Adam and Richard have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and have amassed a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to what is available, its reliability and suitability for different vehicles. Being able to impart that knowledge to families in his local community is a key driver behind the change to Archie’s.

“We want to create a local tyre destination that makes sure the tyres we fit onto your vehicle are the ones most suited to you and the conditions you drive in. It is important to us that the tyres we are fitting and the backup service we provide is the same that we would provide for our own families. Knowing our families are safe on the road is vitally important to us and sharing that knowledge with our greater community is a key driver behind everyone here at Archie’s!”

Your tyres are essential for safe driving because they are the only link between your vehicle and the road – a critical contact area no bigger than the palm of your hand. They have 4 vital functions, and it is imperative they are checked regularly and updated as necessary. They provide grip for braking and acceleration, maintain steering and directional control, support the weight of the vehicle and act as a shock absorber for vibrations from the road. And yet many people don’t check their tyres as often as they should for whatever reason. Adam and Richard encourage their clients to come back in for free regular checks.

“Often people don’t check their tyres in-between warrants and while a slight drop in tyre pressure wont necessarily create an immediate crash risk, it will reduce the overall efficiency of the vehicle and potentially reduce the life of the tyre. It is why we love to see our clients popping back regularly to get their tyres quickly checked by one of us. It doesn’t take a minute and offers such great peace of mind.”

Over time, even with regular maintenance, tyres wear out and need replacing and replacing them can be both time consuming and costly. There are any number of choices available, information to be mulled over before a decision is made. The team at Archie’s believe they offer the very best in both choice and information to assist with you making those decisions. Stocking brands that suit all conditions and sized vehicles from small to farm, they offer options to suit all budgets and can also fix you up with a loan vehicle while they fit your tyres!

“it is never a convenient time to have tyres fitted and we all know how busy everyone is these days. Getting kids to school, or practice, going to a medical appointment or doing the weekly food shopping should not be made at the expense of getting your tyres fitted. At Archie’s, you can drop your car to us, pick up a courtesy car, do what you need to do and then come back, and your car will be ready to go.”

Its just one of the things that makes Archie’s different and the team is looking forward to providing the people of Franklin with a complete tyre service that sets a new standard. As for the tag line, trade in for a twenty. It is done with a serious safety message in mind.

“We want people to come and take advantage of the offer. If we can make sure that the vehicles on the road in Franklin are filled with cars that have tyres fitted by Archie’s, we will know that they are tyres fitted safely.”

* Regardless of Condition, We Will Trade in ANY ONE Tyre For Twenty Bucks!

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