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Our Port Waikato Community is on the Edge, Literally!

Years of erosion have taken their toll on Sunset Beach, Port Waikato and the problem is now more serious than ever.

Over half the car park has been lost, the community hall has been condemned, and is due for demoltion, homeowners have been forced to leave their homes, the surf lifesaving tower has been moved twice and while the Waikato District Council has been consistent in keeping locals abreast of the problems, the locals feel somewhat frustrated by the Council when it comes to helping find a solution.

Local Jade Mac has been canvassing local councillors and Council members to get answers and has set up a petition to garner support from all those that enjoy Sunset Beach to ensure the Council takes action.

“Council have said they will meet with us and discuss what can be done, and we want as many people as possible to either sign the petition or come to the meeting and have their say and give input about what is a valuable local resource. Since I started the petition, I have had all sorts of members of the community share their ideas including someone who has been involved in coastal erosion sandbagging.”

The meeting on October 5 at 10am is at the Surf Lifesaving clubrooms and all are welcome. The petition is available for signing at the Port Waikato Holiday Park and The Wharf Store. You can also fill in the one on this page email it to Jade at mccormacks2013@gmail.com or drop it into the elocal office and we will pass it on.

“We may only be a small permanent community but thousands of locals, New Zealanders and visitors from overseas enjoy the beauty that is the Port and we need everyone to stand up and be counted.”

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elocal Digital Edition – October 2019 (#223)

elocal Digital Edition
October 2019 (#223)

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