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Getting Ahead of the Rest

with NZHL Home Loans & Insurance

Impressed with the service they received from New Zealand Home Loans when sorting out their own financial affairs, John and Liz van Winden jumped at the chance to help others when the local Pukekohe franchise become available.

The couple, who have lived locally for many years and have a strong bond with the community, began helping clients in 2002 and pride themselves on maintaining a friendly rapport with every single one of their customers, some of which have been part of the NZHL experience since the couple first began offering financial advice 17 years ago.

“They are not just our customers. After a short period of time, we become very close friends and we often find that those clients who first signed up with us all those years ago are now sending their children in to start planning for their first homes.”

NZHL Pukekohe includes a team of eight local team members with a huge deal of knowledge relating to making sensible financing decisions and the best options available when planning for your future. While over 80 per cent of their clients are situated in the Franklin region, John says that they also have clients further afield. “We make good use of technology such as Skype and travel around a lot for our valued clients.”

Thanks to a family centered ethos, the team at NZHL Pukekohe makes saving their clients’ money and paying off home loans quickly their top priority. “We want our clients to be concerning themselves with their home or work life, we can sort out their finances so that they don’t have to worry about the future,” says Liz.

From mortgage protection insurance, to home, health, contents, car, trauma, life insurance and everything in between, the team at NZHL Pukekohe is experienced and incredibly knowledgeable about making your finance work at its best for your future whilst having the right protection – Insurance plan – in place.

“We don’t farm you out to another bank with the best deals at that time, like most mortgage brokers, instead we will give you the best option we can, and you will remain dealing with us from then on. We will also keep in touch with you about any changes that might happen in the future.

This also means that everything is branded with the NZHL mark of approval and all banking is done under the same umbrella,” says Liz.

With NZHL, you no longer have to navigate the many options available in terms of financial planning. Instead you will be given a dedicated consultant, committed to making the process as easy as possible for you.

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