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A ‘Shome’ of Your Own!

Hutton Builders – reinventing the dream home

with Hutton Builders Ltd

2020 has been a year of immense global change, and with it people have had to adapt to lockdowns, working from home, border closures, and restrictions around social events and gatherings. What hasn’t changed and looks like it is set to continue is the demand for quality housing and the fulfilment of the kiwi home ownership dream.

Owning a home has always been the dream for many kiwis, and now with changes to our lives that COVID 19 has placed upon us, many kiwis are looking for ways to combine that dream with a practical solution to the working from home scenario. Locals Lance and Jana Hutton, owners of Hutton Builders have that solution and are proud to showcase their new ‘Shome’ – a quality built, functional answer to the home office built with expert craftsmanship, quality materials, but still retaining a high level of style and design.

Built to suit either a residential or lifestyle section the ‘Shome’ is everything you want it to be. From a Man cave, She-Shed, work-from-home office, distribution centre for an internet based business, workshop to fully functional and stylish family living space. It is a dream home for the new era.

“What we have created, is the culmination of our own pipe dream for a property. This year more so than any other it has become apparent that the ‘Shome’ is a good progressive idea now something like covid has hit and looks like being around for a while. It allows a realistic option for people who are looking to consolidate and work from home.”

Established in 2010, Hutton Builders was created by Lance Hutton. He had a vision to combine his passion and love for creating quality homes and renovations with a desire to share his expertise and knowledge with others to deliver projects of the highest quality. Having honed his craft for over 18 years since leaving the local high school Lance fully understands and appreciates the importance of what people are asking him when they place their trust in him to create their dream home or renovation. This latest build is no exception.

“People have their life savings tied up in their dream homes when they ask us to build them, they have saved all their lives to be where they are, they know what they want. The least we can do is to make sure they can go through the experience with no stress, no problems, and everything is done right first time.”

The ‘Shome’ design is based on a trend that is popular overseas and uses the materials as the centrepiece. Showcasing exposed beams and stressed concrete walls displaying their strength and uniqueness as building materials and mixing them with the advancements of modern technology by ensuring the ‘Shome’ is well insulated for warmth and light.

The colours are striking and give the design a stand out quality. Something that is evident in many of the Hutton builds as Lance pays particular attention to every aspect of the build process.

“I can visualise what clients are wanting when they talk to us and when I look at their plans. Measurements and details all make sense to me. We do our own profiles, our own footings, we create our own framing, cut our own Gib, we can do our own concreting. I believe it’s why we have very few issues because we are involved from the start right through to the end with either completing the work ourselves or closely managing our subtrades. It means we get things done right, the first time.”

Testimonials from clients show that Lance can do that time and time again and has successfully built a name for himself across the wider Auckland and Coromandel regions for top quality workmanship and service across a range of projects, from high end architectural builds, kitchens, small extensions, bathroom renovations, to decks, sheds and light commercial buildings.

Whilst Lance looks after the ‘bones’ and the foundations of the projects, working and overseeing all aspects himself or ensuring a team member emulates his expectations, former Detective Jana works on the interiors, when she isn’t busy running after the couple’s two children Mila and George. The ‘Shome’ has given her the opportunity to add a different layer to her well executed interiors.

“I qualified as an interior designer while I was working as a Detective in the NZ Police. The time came when Lance needed me to step up and help out as his business grew and I realised that working alongside him was where I wanted to be, so I started to look after the clients in a project management role. Where he can achieve anything from a construction side for our clients, I manage the whole process, and can help them create interiors that fully integrate and suit their own styles.”

The working relationship works well and the two complement each other, further illustrating what they both see as a natural extension of their own roles as part of a family owned and operated business.

Lance and Jana at Hutton Builders believe they have created the right mix to offer potential clients looking for that special builder to assist. They invite you to call them and discuss your requirements, because they believe probably like you, that quality should have no compromise.

“I believe it’s why we have very few issues because we are involved from the start right through to the end with either completing the work ourselves or closely managing our subtrades. It means we get things done right, the first time.”

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