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Expedition Earth
(Part II)

by Bridget Thackwray

Over the following 8 months we weaved our way down the longest road in the world, the Pan-American Highway. It stretches from Deadhorse to Ushuaia, Argentina. We crossed the world's most dangerous road in Bolivia, witnessed civil uprisings in Nicaragua, and minefields crossing the Atacama Desert. Landscapes changed as much as the climate. We experienced temperatures fluctuating from -28C to 45C in just a few days.

Since April, Topher and I have been in New Zealand exploring our backyard in Heaphy, a KL kindly lent to us by Jeep NZ. In comparison to the 68 countries so far driven in Gunther, New Zealand remains the most diverse.

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elocal Digital Edition – October 2020 (#235)

elocal Digital Edition
October 2020 (#235)