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Surpass Your Expectations with a Home from Frame Homes

with Frame Homes

When you make the decision to build a new home, your choice of building partner is paramount. Do they have a track record of quality builds, exceptional communication throughout the build process and glowing testimonials from happy and satisfied homeowners? With Frame Homes the answer is yes!

Frame Homes was established in 1997 by award winning Master Builder and Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) Mark Frame. With over 20 years’ experience, Frame Homes has gained a reputation for exceptional quality homes to suit every budget.

Many factors can influence the time it takes for a project to be finished to the point where Mark is happy to hand over the keys. Design, weather, Council, lockdowns (!) all have a bearing on the build and the Frame Homes team is conscious that during this time communication is paramount to ensure stress levels are kept to a minimum.

Frame Homes has a show home in the burgeoning township of Paerata Rise and it stands out as an example of the complete build that is finished to perfection and the ready to move in mantra that Mark promises every client.

Frame Homes will make sure that as well as offering your usual interior design choices, they will complete your driveway and landscaping to maximise your section.

Building great homes for families to create memories in, is something that Mark and his team love to do. The hours and hours of thought and planning that go into designing your home, will be equalled by the care and attention that go into building it for you.

The team encourage you to come and meet them at their show home in Paerata Rise and see for yourself why so many happy clients share glowing testimonials, totally satisfied with their homes, built to perfection and ready to move in.

Client Testimonial

“It wasn’t until my wife and I walked into Frame Homes, that we instantly knew we have found the 5% magic, a builder that actually surpassed our expectations… the process was seamless. Good Guys. Rule No. 1, I think, you have to work with people you actually like! The whole journey was painless, in fact it was actually quite good fun. They have surpassed our expectations; I strongly suggest you give them a go.”

— Simon Gault

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