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Strong Family Support Gives Clients Better Service

with Jason Tabrum & Luke Jupp – Rural & Lifestyle Sales Experts

It goes without saying that if you have two well matched people working for you, then skills and experience are going to outweigh that of just one. But what happens when you combine their skills with the support of even more, their whole families even?

Jason Tabrum and Luke Jupp have combined forces for close on a year now to bring homeowners and those looking for a home the very best in professionalism and expertise. Their level of commitment is unparalleled and can be seen by their sales results and what their clients have to say about them.

What has also happened for them over this year is the arrival of two new family members, Olive Tabrum (25/10/2020) to Jason and his partner Ruby, and Layne Jupp (26/08/2020) to Luke and his wife Jodie.

Layne is the baby brother of two-year-old Maisie, Luke and Jodie’s first born, and Jodie says it is great to have Luke around more for family time.

“With Luke and Jason working together, they are constantly working in sync with each other, which means that if bubs has an appointment, or Maisie has a special Playgroup occasion we can all be there. It means that family time is maximised but without the clients missing out as we know that Jason has it covered.”

Ruby concurs. As the youngest baby in the team, Olive is the first for Jason and herself and so as expected there is a steep learning curve. She appreciates the ability to have Jason on hand if she needs him, whilst knowing that their clients are still experiencing the best quality service with Luke.

“We have had people say to us, how great it is that Jason can still be involved with family whilst the boys maintain high quality service and results for their clients. It is great to be involved with the process and see how happy all parties are with the end result”, enthuses Ruby.

The boys are both great family men, and love to get involved with raising their kids and being part of family life at home where possible. “I’m sure Jason will agree when I say that being a Dad has never been a more rewarding job. And being able to be involved in our children’s lives whilst also running a successful real estate business has never been better. I never thought having a day off was possible, but working as a team has allowed us to make sure we can be there for those important moments and have a good work/life balance and give our families and our clients 100%,” says Luke.

Between the two of them, Luke and Jason have sold over 30 properties in just the last year and while they have some on the books, they are looking for more listings to fulfil the needs of numerous buyers who are all waiting for properties in the area to come on the market.

“Lifestyle properties and rural retreats are still in such high demand, we don’t have enough listings to satisfy all the people on the hunt. We would encourage anyone to get in touch with us if they are wanting to get the best price they can for their property. No one knows what will happen to prices this year, despite the forecasts looking good, but right now, we have lots of buyers looking so it can’t be a better time to sell!,” says Jason.

With the assurance of a quality professional pairing, who will be heavily invested in your sale, plus the balance of knowing that family is everything to both Luke and Jason, then you need to engage the perfect team that will get the results you are after. Talk to Jason and Luke and see what the Power of Two can do for you!

Client Testimonials

“Helpful and easy to deal with. Kept me up-to-date with data, phone calls and emails. I felt that they were really working on my behalf to sell the property.”

— Lynne

“Thank you both so much for selling our lovely property. We were very impressed with how professional you both were. Nothing was too much of a problem. You catered for our needs brilliantly and never wasted our time once. It was especially noticeable how you worked really hard for your vendors which is something we all want and need. Your honest straightforward approach is a credit to you and Barfoot & Thompson. If anybody is wanting real quality salespeople, then we would never hesitate to recommend Luke and Jason. We will miss the interaction with you. Thanks again, we wish you good luck and fortune in your profession.”

— Neil & Deb

“We had a great experience working with Luke and Jason to secure a dream property for our young family. Both were easy to deal with, very approachable and went above-and-beyond to assist the parties after hours during the negotiation and sale process. They made what could have been a very stressful time, relatively stress-free with open and clear communication and the perfect amount of humour. We absolutely recommend working with Luke and Jason. Great team!”

— Tom & Nat

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