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Firewood is a Red Hot Home Heating Option!

with Ignition Firewood

Its most definitely winter, and there is nothing better than the warm, inviting hot glow of a wood burner or fire. Those lucky enough to have this as a form of heating however know that there is nothing worse than being lumped with badly dried, poor quality wood.

Carlos Ter Huurne, owner of Ignition Firewood, a Drury-based firewood supplier hears the same story over and over again and they go to great lengths to ensure their product is dry and ready to burn.

“Most folks are careful when it comes to buying their wood and ask the right questions, such as ‘is it dry wood?’ and ‘how long has it been stored for?’, but even wood that appears dry can actually burn wet and not be as effective as our kiln dried product and it can be a very expensive mistake to make as you end up paying twice for wood for the winter.

“We're the only firewood company in Auckland that kiln dries the wood. It's heated to 110 degrees and held for 24 hours. We have shedding to hold 4500 cubic metres of wood out of the rain and our trucks are all covered so that when the wood is delivered it is delivered as dry as when it left the shed.”

With widespread concern about environmental issues and heavy promotion of heat pumps, a lot of people mistakenly think firewood is going out of fashion, but modern clean burning wood burners produce minimal emissions, and Carlos points out that using firewood is actually a form of recycling with Ignition Firewood sharing a symbiotic relationship with developers.

“We use logs largely derived from land clearances. They're no use to the developers and would otherwise have to be burned on site. We turn them into useful fuel, often from logs that are really hard to process but fantastic for heat generation to enable people to have warm, dry homes in winter.”

Ignition Firewood has a range of different quality woods available year round and kiln dried, shed stored woods ready for delivery now. There are soft woods like Pine available from $45 a half cube, hard woods like gum and tea-tree, but the most common wood sold is the Hotmix firewood.

“Hotmix is a combination of hard, slow burning wood such as gum and soft fast burning wood such as pine. It may also contain oak, macrocarpa, poplar, tea-tree and black wattle. It is popular as it provides both fast starting and long burning firewood.”

There's nothing like the aroma of freshly split firewood in your shed, whether it's the resinous tang of pine or cypress or the more spicy scents of some of the less common timbers. Rather like the smell of new mown hay freshly stacked in the barn, it gives a reassuring feeling of being prepared for winter and Ignition Firewood can make that happen for you today! They make deliveries all over Auckland six days a week and ordering is simple - they're only a phone call away on 0800 WOOD NOW (0800 9663 669) and all trucks have mobile EFTPOS for ease of payment. Or you can bring your trailer in to the yard at 1257 Great South Road, Ramarama, only two minutes from the motorway.

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