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Confidence Built In

“I was so impressed with the product I bought into the company”

with Stroud Homes Pokeno Pukekohe

Everyone knows someone who has a story about a disastrous build experience. Council delays, contractors that just don’t turn up, building companies that stretch resources and ultimately hand over dates pushed out months further than expected. How then when you making what is arguably the biggest decision you will make in a lifetime do you make sure you are choosing a company that will deliver on its promise?

Mike Wilson from Stroud Homes in Pukekohe knows the answer. He has been building homes for over 16 years, ensuring every customer was given the very best level of service and in that time has seen plenty of shoddy operators come and go. He chose to buy into the Stroud Homes Franchise because he was so impressed with their company focus that the client is THE focus of everything that they do.

“Stroud is built around the customer. Everything they do is centered around the customer and their needs from the business model, the company philosophy, the development of systems, implementation of processes, engagement of contractors through to the hand over. Everything is planned and carried out with the customer’s needs at the centre.” Says Mike.

Stroud Homes originated in Australia when the leading franchise of GJ Gardner James Stroud, struck out on his own, after successive knockbacks when he tried to improve the systems and homes within the existing franchise model. With close to 40 successful franchises throughout Australia and New Zealand the brand continues to grow from strength to strength, Mike Wilson is now entrenched in Pukekohe and is keen to help even more locals into their own dream homes.

The Stroud Homes franchise is associated with style, quality, attention to detail and trust. They offer you real guarantees and commitments that will make building a home a stress-free experience. For example stroud promises you will pay no more than what you are quoted and perhaps more importantly in today’s building climate, they offer you a fully legitimate build time. This build time starts at council approval and finishes at hand over and although is subject to conditions, Mike says it one of the most robust guarantees in the industry.

“We offer a fully legit 20 week build guarantee. We are an efficient client centered company, we know that you are paying rent or interest on your build. We know that you want to plan ahead and expect your house to be built on time. To ensure this happens, we have highly experienced staff and contractors utilising highly efficient technology that schedules and streamlines each stage of your build. Watch out for the build times out there that are watered down and offer you no assurance about when your new home is going to be finished.”

With Stroud Homes, you can either buy off the many plans they have available, over 100 in fact, or you can engage them to build a custom build just for you. They are all prepriced and come with up to 81 inclusions that take the guesswork out of building. Their plans range from the smaller, compact designs, perfect for newer housing estates, such as the Aria, Fantail and Kingfisher plans, through to the positively palatial Piha, Pohutakawa or even Rimu plans; (the Rimu comes with a granny flat!)

“Everyone will find something they love amongst our range of plans and you will know up front what your home will look like and how much it will cost. All our fittings are high quality and we include details and enhancements that we know work well for our customers, such as a child’s retreat area as part of the bedroom wings, or media room, or even wet areas near to outside entry points.”

Once you have decided on a plan with Stroud Homes, the skilled team of contractors and project managers take over. Making sure you are kept up to date over the 20 week build guarantee timeframe with regular updates using videos calls and guided tours through the build every Friday.

“Everyone at Stroud comes to work each day and completes their tasks as if they were working on their own home. We understand how important the process is to you and pull out all the stops to make it happen professionally, to the highest level of expectation and on time.”

There are a growing number of happy Stroud customer now in Pukekohe and each one has only the most positive things to say about the process, so much so that they all are happy to recommend the company to others looking to build and that says Mike is the biggest compliment that he could have.

“I love building and I love my job, but it wouldn’t be worth it if our customers had not had the best build experience with us. I’d invite anyone planning to build to come and see us down at our display centre and see the different in the process when the confidence is built in from the start!”

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