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Building Connected Communities

with Jennian Homes Franklin

Every builder has their own strengths and reasons for why you should build with them. So how do you know which builder will give you the end result in the way you want it?

Initially when trying to decide, most people think to ask for more information around these 8 commonly asked questions:

  1. Timing of build
  2. Communication throughout
  3. Testimonials
  4. Design features
  5. Quality
  6. Budget
  7. Processes
  8. Contracts

Regardless of these commonly asked questions, the most important step is simply establishing a connection with the right building team, because otherwise you may end up in the wrong hands.

Delving into the reasons why the building team do what they do can help you align your personality with a builder who you genuinely connect with and understands your reason for building.

elocal sat down with Vincent and Michelle Costello from Jennian Homes in Franklin and asked them why they are so dedicated to building homes in our region.

Early in their building careers together, Vin and Michelle would find themselves walking their dog around new developments every evening looking through each new home. This was two decades ago, so well before restrictions to sites were in place.

Michelle said, “The emotions of walking through homes that people would one day be living in really fueled our passion. Understanding that while every home was so uniquely different and designed to suit each family perfectly, everyone had come together to live together in one community.”

“This led to an interest about how communities grow and meld together families from all walks of life with different ideas and passions on how they would like to live,” Michelle added.

Michelle shared the knowledge that people who have a fun and exciting journey building their home would be better connected and engaged in their new communities that they call home. Moving in would be an exciting and thrilling finale, one of pride and accomplishment of what they had achieved.

Michelle and Vincent decided that creating a journey that allowed clients the freedom to enjoy and really be a part of forming their future was the focus and driver in their business.

“Handing over the keys of brand-new family homes to happy and relaxed clients is an incredible moment. Playing a part in creating happy and safe communities is the overwhelming reason we go to work every day and is the team at Jennian Franklins’ purpose,” Michelle explains.

Take into consideration that sometimes and understandably parts of the building process can be challenging.

Such as: Decision Making - there’s heaps!

Understanding and signing the contract - there is a lot of jargon!

Organizing moving day - very busy!

However, Jennian homes feel that many people also expect building a new home to include other challenges, all of which they passionately work against.

“Unwelcome surprises should not be considered normal in your build, nor should unexpected compromise, or substandard communication. None of these things are welcome in our process with our clients,” Vincent mentions.

So, try asking your building team about why they get out of bed everyday and what is the REAL reason that they love building homes and see if that means something to you. It is important to build on your relationship right from your very first meeting.

In speaking with Vincent and Michelle, they explained that Jennian has been working hard on terrace and duplex developments.

“This can be a great way to get the most out of a piece of land, because you are making sure you develop it in the best and most productive way for financial reward. There are many different ways this can be done and we can advise you on the best way for your situation.”

Michelle and Vincent advise anyone looking to build to look for building companies that have all the professionals on tap and that can set you up with the best advice and make the journey symbiotic with your requirements.

Even complex developments can be simplified with the correct guidance and knowledge. The team at Jennian Homes can provide you with just that, and work with you to help with every part of the building process from your finance arrangements and resource consents to building a development that ticks all of your boxes. Call them today.

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elocal Digital Edition
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