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A lot has been made this year of teamwork, and New Zealanders as a general rule are very big followers of teams. When it comes to choosing someone to present and sell your home in this current market, it makes sense then to choose a real team who understand each other and compliment each other’s strengths to make sure you get results that exceed your expectations.

Ryan and Raphaelle from Ray White Pukekohe are that team. They recognise that for many people, their home is their castle and that they may need a ‘boost’ from the current ‘castle’ to the next. They understand that and therefore market each property differently in order to attract the right buyer who will pay a premium price for your property.

Coming from an extensive sales and hospitality background involving managing the affairs of the French Ambassador to New Zealand, multiple global hotel chains, and a busy family! Raphaelle loves organization and the challenge that goes into making sure everything runs smoothly where it should when it should.

“I thrive on the challenge that comes with making sure an occasion goes accordingly to plan and that includes the process involved with buying and selling a home. I understand that things need to be finely tuned to run smoothly and how important it is to consider every detail, go over things more than once and consider every angle and eventuality.” enthuses Raphaelle.

Ryan focuses on the sales and marketing side of the business and with his background in numerous sales industries as well as successfully running and adapting his own managed businesses over the recent lockdowns, he is under no illusion how hard things have been for families and businesses this year.

“It has been an extraordinaire time of recent. We have run numerous successful businesses over the years but had to walk away from one last year because with the lockdowns it just wasn’t sustainable to keep it going. Making those decisions are hard, but they help me to put things in perspective and has allowed me to help others with their own decision making often by acting as their mentor.” Ryan and Raphaelle have made a big impact since making the decision to join Ray White Pukekohe earlier this year and are already climbing the ranks in sales to be amongst the top ten. Committed to doing the very best they can, they know it is because of the hard work they put in with each client and their testimonials speak for themselves. If you are thinking about preparing your property for sale or are just curious as to what the market is currently doing, and your options, give them a call. At the very least, they love talking about the All Blacks and that French team!

They understand that and therefore market each property differently in order to attract the right buyer who will pay a premium price for your property.

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4 Hall Street
Auckland 2120

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elocal Digital Edition
January 2022 (#249)

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