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At Home with A1 Homes

with Shekinah Construction Ltd / A1 Homes

Wayne and Sharon Snellgrove are a busy family orientated couple with a wealth of customer care and construction industry expertise, who have recently embarked on an exciting new venture. As proud new owners of the South Auckland A1 Homes franchise, they have made it their goal to ensure that every one of their clients has the most enjoyable experience possible when it comes to building their new home. Whether it be a Full build, a kitset or transportable, Wayne and Sharon are committed and involved every step of the way, ensuring the process is transparent, timely and as stress-free as possible.

Having experienced the full spectrum of building experiences over the years, including ones they don’t want to talk about they were driven to change, influence and personalize the process for others by deciding to take on the A1 Homes South Auckland franchise. A1 Homes is one of the leading players in the industry locally and nationally, and they knew that their own experiences and expertise coupled with over 20 years’ experience in the construction and client care industries would perfectly compliment the A1 homes brand that has been proudly building kiwi homes for over 15 years nationwide.

Starting as an apprentice, Wayne learnt quickly on the tools, advancing to become a respected and qualified tradesman in the construction industry who valued his relationship with clients. Diversifying, he learnt all the aspects of heavy commercial drainage and large-scale concrete projects which reinforced his belief in the importance of getting it right. He retrained as a civil engineer and project manager confidently juggling task coordination and timeliness of project delivery through large scale multimillion dollar civil construction projects. Sharon has a background in customer care successfully running and operating a small business for 14 years that embraced local, national, and international markets. “We both have learnt through our collective experiences what it takes to develop and maintain lasting quality relationships with clients and the importance of being available and involved throughout the project.

Quintessentially, these skills are what it takes to deliver on building a quality home.” enthuses Wayne. Wayne and Sharon are proud locals and relish the fact that their franchise provides opportunities for families and people in the greater South Auckland area to become proud homeowners. It is people and family that are important to them and underpin their everyday decision making. With 6 children, they understand what it’s like for families and young people getting into homes and the potential difficulties they may face.

“It is challenging out there for people to enter the property market, we have experienced it with our own children, we want to make a difference, be able to help and support them and allow them to embrace the journey. We have learnt that life is people, it is people who make businesses, people who make houses homes, everyone involved from the people purchasing the home to those building it are the ones that make it happen. That is why we are personally involved in every part of the process because ultimately, we are accountable. We are committed and accountable to our clients, the ones who trust in us with what is effectively the most expensive purchase they will make.”

The A1 Homes brand has always stood for quality homes and the current range is no exception. Offering a range of plans, from 1 to 5 bedrooms, up to 3 bathrooms plus garages and are all available to view on their website. Whilst they offer exceptional standard features, enhancements and modifications are welcomed. Choose ours or your plan then have it created on your land by their team of qualified and professional contractors or if you are keen to build it yourself, a range of kitset homes is available.

Every A1 Home is built by qualified professionals and comes with a Master Build 10 Year Guarantee, so you and your family have full peace of mind that your home has been built to a high standard and carries a warranty. The A1 Homes exceptional Showhome is in Pokeno at 12 Harriet Johnston Drive and is open Tuesday to Friday from 10:00am - 3:00pm and Saturday/Sunday by appointment.

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elocal Digital Edition
April 2022 (#252)

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