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A LIVE event presented by New Zealand Voice

Inflation, Fuel & Energy Crisis, Division in Health and Water Ownership? What Shape Are We In?

You’re invited to participate in a live ‘Situation Update’ symposium on July, Tuesday 26th. Information from some of the most aware individuals speaking on how they see the current situation in a variety of different core areas in our current New Zealand economic, energy and geopolitical environment.

Who will be speaking and on what subjects?

Alan Eyes – Energy Manager for a large industrial manufacturer, a Chartered Accountant, and since 2002, a trustee of the Counties Energy Trust - What shape are we in as a viable 1st world country? Energy sufficiency, Reliance, an overview of our energy resources, our strengths, weaknesses and ownership of NZ energy.

Adam Wood – Finance Market Analyst - The creation of money and the financial tools used in the FIAT money system that drives the massive transfer of wealth through cyclic economic crashes and the evolution of the parallel economy.

Scott Bright – Groundswell Representative – The double-edged sword that’s destroying our farming and growing sectors, water, fertiliser, fuel, seed, compliance, money, energy, distribution and challenges.

Martin Doutre – NZ’s foremost researcher on the final English treaty document (Littlewood Treaty) and distortions that have stemmed from the reinvention of the Treaty of Waitangi and other divisive components driving our economic direction

Mykeljon Winckel – Managing Director and Editor Elocal Magazine - Media, fake news, mass formation, the role of independent media and the dangers of a single narrative.

Get involved, engage in proactive discussions on what solutions can be presented and what can be done at a community level to help each other and engage our political representatives local and federal – Afterall we vote them in to represent all people and grow our wealth as a nation.

DON’T MISS OUT! Email your expression of interest now office@elocal.co.nz ‘Situation Update’ in the subject line. Don’t forget to say how many seats you’d like to reserve for this epic event. When? Tues 26th and/or 27th July. Admission fee $25 per person.

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elocal Digital Edition – July 2022 (#255)

elocal Digital Edition
July 2022 (#255)

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