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Warm Up Your Winter with Fun and Friends at the Franklin Bridge

with Franklin Bridge Club

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The popular card game Bridge developed in the 1920’s, is played by four people of any age and requires players to bid how many cards or “tricks” they believe they can take on a deal. It is easy to learn, requires little equipment and has a thriving community both locally and worldwide. It encourages mental dexterity and numerous studies have shown Bridge players show up higher on cognitive tests. Pam Livingston from Taranaki has represented New Zealand at top level international bridge multiple times and is a current member of the New Zealand Women’s team. She is widely admired, both as a player and a teacher. On a cold, windy, rainy Saturday last month more than 60 players assembled at the Franklin Bridge Club for a seminar run by Pam on better card play.

Pam proved to be an excellent teacher, augmenting her tips with predealt cards to play, which illustrated the topics she had been teaching.

It was great to see the room full and to hear the buzz of discussion and chatter as everyone put theory into practice.

“I hope everyone enjoyed the seminar. Great to see so many there and so well organised. It was a real pleasure.” Enthused Pam.

The event was organized by John Fergusson, the Franklin Bridge Club Training Manager, who came up with the idea of the seminar and made it happen. The club wishes to thank him and as well as his able assistants who made the event run smoothly – from organisation, checking people in, dealing boards, bringing a plate etc. – many club members stepped up to help.

The above is just one of the many training events run by the local Bridge Club, helping the transition from total novice to becoming a competent player, at club, national or even international level depending on your desire and ability. The next session of ten lessons starts on Thursday August 18th following which you will be appointed a “buddy” to partner and assist your transition through to club play on Wednesday nights, Friday during the day or Sunday afternoons in winter.

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