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Lack of Local Representation at a Decision Making Level

with Rural Resource Office

Last month hundreds of locals turned out to a meeting run by Groundswell at the Pukekohe Indian Hall. Various speakers, including Groundwell’s local man Scott Bright spoke to a rousing reception on a variety of topics, but the message was the same. The people have had enough. The job of the those elected to decision making positions is to represent the people and the people are being ignored. Ideas were shared, groups networked with each other, all with the intention of creating change. Scott spoke about the issues facing farmers, with increased red tape and pointless legislation. Libby Johnson spoke from Voice for Freedom. Voices for Freedom is a non-political grassroots group that has grown astronomically in the last 18 months to support kiwis in their fights for freedom. Providing pro bono legal support for those who had their freedoms stripped culminating in a successful legal case against the government by the Police and Defense force in relation to the Covid 19 vaccine mandate.

Chris Romero, who has presented throughout the country representing a group called Refreshing Local Democracy spoke about the group which aims to equip local kiwis with the tools and knowledge needed to stand for office in their local communities and effect positive change. Believing that local councils should be answerable to the local population, not central government, international lobby groups or otherwise, they have produced a training programme spread over 4 evenings via video call whereby different aspects and elements of a campaign and the realities of being in office are discussed and taught. Watch the video for more and learn about how you can effect positive change if you too have had enough. There is also a link online to the full meeting.

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“The very concept of democracy requires representation, and I believe it’s time for we the people to demand our representatives to do their jobs.”

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elocal Digital Edition – August 2022 (#256)

elocal Digital Edition
August 2022 (#256)

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